Did You Really Need To Bring That?

We went out to student halls to speak to some Freshers and find out what weird and wonderful things they decided they absolutely had to bring with them to university. From small home comforts to, well, an entire bucket of fancy dress costumes, this year’s Freshers are less concerned with filling their flats with essentials like textbooks and Tesco Value pasta sauces, and more concerned with making sure their halls feel as homely as possible.

The Silk Dog Cushion

The first Fresher we met had a silk cushion with a photo of her dog printed on it. Her mum thought it would make a funny gift for her to move to uni with, but now the qmunicate team all want their own silky puppy cushion. The dog is called Poppy, and she’s a very good girl (not to mention incredibly photogenic). -see feature photo

The Luxury Kitchen

Not content with Koka Noodles and BOGOF deals from Dominos, this Fresher brought a slow cooker with her, which the rest of her flatmates were very excited about. She also brought a Nespresso coffee machine with her, for those mornings where instant coffee just isn’t going to cut it if you really want to make those 9am lectures.

The One Man Band

This Fresher moved to Glasgow from Aberdeen because of the plethora of live music on offer here, but going one further than just listening to it, she decided she wanted to create her own. Not only did she bring her record player and a pile of vinyl, but her stage piano and PA system. Prepare for lots of noise complaints from the neighbours

The Snack From Home

When this Fresher told us he’d brought some Biltong from his home in Zimbabwe, we expected maybe one or two small bags. How wrong we were – this Fresher has enough Biltong to survive off for the entire year. At least he’ll never have to go hungry.

The Costume Bucket


By far the weirdest thing we found was the bucket of costumes that one Fresher had brought to uni with him. Including, amongst other things, a wolf mask, a kimono, a Harry Potter robe, a police hat, and a shield, this Fresher said he was interested in stand up and sketch comedy, although these two things may not be correlated. He also brought a set of bagpipes with him, because why the fuck not. We’re looking forward to seeing this Fresher at our next Open Mic, if what we saw today is anything to go by.

[Hannah Burke –@hannahcburke_]

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