From Tuesday’s Freshers’ Zine: Our Interview with Kristian Nairn

qmunicate sat down with Kristian Nairn and had a wee chat about his life after Game of Thrones and playing the Queen Margaret Union on Monday night. 

KN: I like your tattoo (to Hannah).

Team Pubs: Thank you, I like yours! Really surprised to see a face one seeing that you’re an actor.

KN: Yeah it’s a bad idea. I was a child when I got it, well not a child but over the age of consent

Team Pubs: Well they cover it up well. Well anyway, how are you feeling about tonight? You looking forward to it?

KN: Nah dreading it. (laughs) Nah I’m not, I’m like last time, I’m really excited. It’s a really good crowd here.

Team Pubs: You’ve played here before, how can we do better than last time?

KN: I don’t know. They were really noisy and rowdy last time and that was amazing, I really like that so I really hope it’s the same tonight.

Team Pubs: It usually is.

KN: Yeah! And that’s what you’re known for so I’m sure you won’t disappoint.

T.P.: So you’ve travelled around the world DJing

KN: Yea I have, everywhere. Literally.

TP: Where’s you favourite place to perform?

KN: Obviously Glasgow!

TP: Well obviously!

KN: But you know what, Scotland’s been really good so far. Every gig so far has been really great so far.

TP: Have you had any good memories from this run of shows so far?

KN: It all blurs into one. Seriously, honestly. I’ve been doing this for an awfully long time but it’s (Scotland) treating me really well so far, it’s up there now with Australia. Australia as a whole is really just an amazing place, it’s just filled with really cool people and they know how to party there. But if you guys keep it up you’re going to be neck and neck.

TP: So obviously lots of people know you from Game of Thrones, now that your time as Hodor is up –

KN: Or is it?

TP: Oh, you never know! That’d honestly make me so happy!

KN: I don’t know if I would be.

TP: So are you looking forward to having more time for your DJing now?

KN: Yes, er I mean I’m so busy at the moment. So many projects on the go. Obviously so far for Freshers’ I’m focussing more on Djing, it’s really like shooting fish in a barrel there’s just so many things happening, it is hard to concentrate. But my plans in stone is that I get back around the 20th of November, it’s a long one, and then hopefully after that I’ll get back to the studio in January and I can start to make my own music again. I’d really like to focus on that because it’s so hard to find time to get in the studio.

TP: Have you got any more acting gigs coming up?

KN: Yeah, I’m heading to New Jersy after Christmas to do a movie and then hopefully to Utah to film a Netflix show.

TP: Awesome that’d be amazing. And just as a kind of side question, this isn’t related to anything else – a little bird told us you used to do drag before DJing?

KN: Yeah, that’s how it all started, that’s how this incarnation of my life stated. Being a drag queen led onto Dj-ing

TP: Well I mean the logical progression.

KN: Yeah! (laughs)

TP: Well we have our own drag queen here at QMU. She’s called Lady Magic, she’s actually on our exec. So yeah, fancy a collaboration with our Lady Magic?

KN: No.

TP: Oh! (laughs)

KN: I’m very picky about my collaborations. Although I’ve never actually met her, you know, I’m sure she’s very talented. Does she do any Djing herself?

TP: Actually she did DJ last Thursday and she did a very good job. Smaller scale though.

KN: Well that’s how I started, I started DJing in drag and that’s how I began so-

TP: So maybe, yeah (laughs). So just to finish things off, if Hodor was at university here, what do you think he’d study?

KN: Probably English literature. Yeah, he only says the one word so-

TP: So he’d like to broaden his vocabulary?

KN: Yeah, yeah! I’m sure he’d like to read some literature and soak up some vocabulary.

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