Album Review: Blue States – Statues


Blue States’ EP Statues captures the listener from the very first few notes. Including only four songs, the record creates a dreamy atmosphere through its many musical elements whilst remaining consistent to its genre. The feminine, almost ethereal vocals seem overshadowed by the music in Lightning Tales, but they do shine out in the opening track Statues. It’s easy to see why this song titles the whole album, as it best represents its essence. The second song, Curvatures, displays a great mix of guitar sounds with more experimental electronica. Despite this blend of very different influences, the song does not seem out of place: in fact, it shares its ‘chill-out’ vibes with the other tracks.

The EP ends with Twitten – the calming piano gives this ambient track a melancholic feel: the curtains are falling as the world we found ourselves in stops existing when the piece ends. Blue States’ music falls short in its intent to ‘close the gaps between your head and your heart’ (as stated in his website), but it allows him to showcase his talent in this short but greatly made album. Despite the lack of innovative aspects, Statues remains a great example of downtempo record.

[Luigi Gravili]

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