Film Review: Absolutely Fabulous

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Hello, darlings. I know this post-Brexit world seems a tad bleak, to say the very least. What hope can possibly be left for us out there, anymore?


Do you love stupid humour? No? Well, if you’re one of those people who usually roll their eyes at slapstick or nonsensical situations, then, please, allow me to convert you:

This is a film that just goes for it from the very beginning – from the start, you’re catapulted into the absolutely fabulous ridiculous world of ‘AbFab.’ Cue Edina and Patsy falling out of taxis, and harassing Kate Moss.

And, you know what? It’s great, honestly. Considering the doom and gloom of the news in general right now, it is a relief to just spend your time giggling away at Patsy and Edina’s antics.

As ever, there is a worry that when old things return in a new format, it won’t really work. It’ll all be too new, and the usually iconic sitcom characters will feel out of place and lost.

But, Absolutely Fabulous avoids all of that. Patsy and Edina still fit in modern London, and it’s clear that Lumley and Saunders are having an absolute ball doing so. Of course there are still some iffy jokes that don’t quite hit the mark, but they are few and far between compared to the loud laughs in the cinema. A particular favourite moment of mine is where Saunders uses the switch to modern London to her advantage, with Edina moaning, “I’m being trollied on Twitter.” It’s funny, lads. Really funny.

So, if you need an escape from a pessimistic world, whack on this film for some fun. Enjoy spotting the cameos, dance along to the soundtrack…

And, do have some bubbly, darling!

[Jenna Burns – @jenna_221b]

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