Album Review: Ha, Ha, He – Mourn


The first song on this album is one of the best due to its lack of vocals. Mourn claim to be inspired by the Ramones but in fact sound more like Blood Red Shoes, even Tuff Love but something about their vocals doesn’t sound right and causes most of the songs to sound so similar it’s hard to distinguish them.

This Barcelona teen band may have managed to record two albums but their sound lacks sophistication. Though they may claim this is because they wish to be “raw”, it does not have enough impact to work successfully. That being said the instrumentals sound great, very laid back and relaxing but melancholic- perfect for a rainy day. There is potential for a very good record and songs like “Irrational Friend”, which is more vibrant and energetic, show that. For the moment however, more work needs to be done to make this band stand out.

[Yasmina Todd – @yasytodd]

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