Lifestyle: Your Breasts are the Best

If you have breasts, you’ve probably got some things you wish you could change about them. If not, that’s amazing! Everyone should be like you and love their boobs. Every single person has a different body shape, and that goes for boobs as well. There is no one else in the world with the exact same boobs as yours, which is a pretty amazing. So, I say embrace it, though I know this can be difficult.

As a society, we constantly receive so many negative messages about our boobs. This has created very specific expectations and ideas for what breasts should look like, shaming women into believing that their boobs are not attractive, and resulting in a lot of boob hate. This is incredibly sad, though, as all boobies are beautiful.

Society has programmed women to constantly compare themselves to others, and has taught us to believe that if our boobs don’t look like someone else’s (when most of the time these expectations are unrealistic), then we should be unhappy. It’s simply another way of manipulating and controlling women, in order to make them feel inferior.

So, be kind to your boobs, because they’re beautiful and unique to you. Let’s forget what mainstream culture tells women is attractive, because why the hell do we need to look good for others? I say we should learn to embrace difference, and champion the idea that it’s okay to love yourself, instead of making women feel like they should hate their bodies.

There are so many ways that you can love your boobs; simple things like treating yourself to something which makes you feel sexy, like a nice set of lingerie, or an outfit which makes your tits look particularly good. Even simple things like looking after them, checking them for any changes, lumps, or bumps, and really getting to know them; after all, you are the best judge on what is normal for you. Taking time to properly take care of your tatas will help you to learn to love them, because treating yourself and keeping healthy is the best way to love your breasts and yourself.

[Rachel Gillett]

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