Album Review: Under Our Beds – Consilience


Under our beds there is no monster, but a delightful debut album by the Canadian alternative pop-band Consilience. Or rather, Under Our Beds is this first full-length album. It’s not surprising that all band members have been part of other local or national bands, as their tunes are very sophisticated. Dreamy, mellow sounds create a warm atmosphere where Tracy Hudson’s rich vocals carry us further into the alluring melodies.

Only on the final song of the album, piano-ballad ‘Bad Timing’, does Hudson’s voice emerge above the music clear enough to be able to properly hear her confessional lyrics. In the other songs, however, her smooth voice blends wonderfully with the mix of organic and synthetic sounds around it.

On the first listen, Consilience’s sound doesn’t feel particularly original. However, the album shows to be rich and complex, with the strong piano; jazz influences; textured layers of guitars and hazy, synth sounds providing much more than just your next pretty alt-pop album.

[Aike Jansen]

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