King Tut’s Summer Nights: Made as Mannequins/Future Glue/The Hammerin’ Tongs/The Lapelles 16.07.16

Expecting it not to be a busy evening given most students abandoned Glasgow, it was surprising to see so many showed up for the night’s line-up.

Made as Mannequins, were easy going and catchy with some nice vocals. Their performance was energetic and fun, a difficult feat as the first performers.  Overall, they fit King Tut’s description of what genre to expect (“For fans of: Phoenix, The Vaccines, Circa Waves”) perfectly and successfully.

The same cannot be said for Future Glue, who were obnoxious and failed to impress. Though arguably this was largely because their style of music was drastically different to the other bands, their singer’s visible drunkenness and their overly raw sound meant many of their songs sounded the same. That being said, some were obviously of a different opinion as a minority of fans sang along, moshed and were visibly ecstatic when the lead singer came into the crowd. For most though, King Tut’s judgement fell short here, as they stuck out like a sore thumb.

The Hammerin’ Tongs, much like the Made as Mannequins were fun and upbeat. Despite lead singer Ben Campbell’s fedora, their performance was tight and enthusiastic and a pleasure to watch. Before starting, the audience was informed it was their bassist and guitarist’s first time performing in the band but this was not noticeable. Their cover of “Teenage Kicks” was a particular highlight.

Finally, the time came for the headline band, The Lapelles. By this point the room was full and the anticipation was peaking as the venue played “Bad Touch” before their entrance. Finally the four-piece band from East Kilbride came on, sporting flowery oversized shirts with front man Jack Anderson living up to their name and rocking some lapelles. Smiles quickly lit up their faces as they opened with their song “17”.  They sang some of their core songs such as “Toronto”, “She would”, and “Snakehips”. “Grab Life By” proved a crowd favourite but they were all flawless. The band also treated us to some new songs called “Different Creature”, “Stun” and “The Strand” which were equally as brilliant and memorable. The popularity of the band was abundantly clear by the choruses being belted by the audience, the inevitable chanting of “Here we fucking go” and the multiple crowd surfers.

Their performance was spectacular but what made it so enjoyable was not their excellent grasp of their instruments but how utterly chuffed their were that there was such a great turn out. They explained that this was not only because it was their first headlining gig but because it had sold out! There was then two absolutely heart-warming moments. The first was at the end of the their last song, “The Strand”, where the lead singer and guitarist, having got so carried away in the moment, ended up on the floor still playing their instruments. The second was as soon as they got off the stage before the encore the singer jumped and hugged one of his band mates and they all laughed together, star struck by their own popularity.

An excellent band and a unique opportunity for new bands to showcase themselves. This was a great way to spend summer evening and a worthy alternative to Pokémon Go.

[Yasmina Todd – @yasytodd]

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