Top 5… Mistakes You’re Allowed to Make as A Fresher

1) Making friends you’ll regret

Freshers are full of friendly optimism at the start of term, where every new face is a new friend, and the people you meet in your first week are gonna be your BFFs forever. That is, until you’re three weeks into term, and they’ve just cracked the same ‘inside joke’ about you throwing your guts up out of a fourth floor kitchen window during Freshers’ Week, or you’ve woken up after a night out with fifteen friend requests from people you don’t even remember meeting, but who, at the time, you vowed your life-long friendship. But when else will you have the opportunity to meet so many new people? And you’re bound to find a few diamonds in the rough.

2) Packing things you will NEVER use

At the time, that geometry set seemed like it might come in handy for your English Lit degree, and who knows, there might suddenly be a heat wave in Glasgow in the middle of November, where those shorts you packed might come in handy. These are the ‘just in case’ items that get pushed further and further to the back of the Drawer of Neglect, taking up the space that would have been perfect for a bottle opener, for example, or even more radical; an umbrella. All these things that somehow slipped your mind back when you were packing; these are life decisions that you now have to live with. But hey, when the day comes where you have to crack out that geometry set, then you’ll be laughing.

3) Pulling someone you live with

It began as a drunken hook up with someone in your halls, and was something you awkwardly laughed about in the first week as ‘just one of those Freshers mistakes’. Seriously though, how many more times can you bump into them in the corridor, shuffling round each other staring at the floor, both pretending like you’re not thinking about it? And how many games of ‘Never Have I Ever’ does it take before your other flat mates stop finding it hilarious to bring up? Hold your head high though, and try to laugh about it; it’s really not the end of the world.

4) Signing up to every society at the Freshers’ Fair

They lure you in with free sweets and pens, and all they want in return is your email address, your Tuesday evenings, and your soul. You went into the Freshers’ Fair open-minded, signing up to try new things and make new friends. ‘I’ve always wanted to try Abstract Knitting!’ you say. ‘Writing my name down can’t hurt, right?’ Wrong. Next thing you know your inbox is gridlocked with emails from the Lithuanian Volley Ball Team, The Line Dancing Club and the Doctor Who Society. But, in amongst all the invites to cheese & wine nights and subcrawls, you might find a new hobby that you actually love – maybe signing up for 100 different societies was worth it after all.

5) Spending half your student loan in the first week

It’s pretty much expected that half the mistakes you’ll make as a new student will be financial. That constant feeling of being on the verge of bankruptcy? Apparently that’s the student way, so get used to it. Most of your life choices this year will revolve around prioritizing your two main expenses. In other words: alcohol or food? At the end of the day, the sesh must be funded. It’s not alcoholism if it’s in a social environment. On the plus-side though, it’ll force you to learn how to shop on a budget – when you eventually do a food shop, you’ll learn the art of racking up the deals. Of course you can survive off 2-for-1 cheese slices, a six pack of Tesco own beans, and two loaves of bread that are just about the expire! You can always learn how to cook properly in second year.

[Sophie Wilbraham]

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