Baby It’s Cold Inside

It’s freezing. There is frost on the ground and you can see your breath steaming up in front of you. You’re pretty sure your toes aren’t meant to be blue. Sounds like a typical Scottish winter morning outside, right? Right. Except it’s October, and you’re sat inside your flat.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that Glasgow’s tenements turn frigid before the leaves even fall from the trees. Something has to be done and your landlord almost certainly isn’t going to help. So, here are some handy and, much more importantly, cheap tips to keep yourself from freezing to death this winter.

  1. Buy a draft excluder. Did you know that approximately 5-30% of energy is wasted by drafts? Neither did I, but the U.S Department of Energy says so, and they seem pretty trustworthy. Anyway, draft excluders. Mums love these; especially the little dog shaped ones. If you don’t want to shell out £10 though, just roll up a towel and call it a day.
  2. Insulate your windows. Beautiful as our tenements are, their single glazed windows do not do us any favours when it comes to keeping warm. Short of trying to persuade your landlord to install double-glazing, try some insulation film. This is just a layer of gum that you blow-dry onto your windows and then can take down come summer. You can even buy it for under £3 from eBay.
  3. Invest in a rug. If your flat is uncarpeted then a rug is brilliant for reducing heat loss through the floor. Ikea always has a great and pretty cheap range, but the Salvation Army is a great and cheap alternative. If nothing else, a rug will keep your feet a little warmer.
  4. Turn your heating on. Seriously. I know we’re all trying to save money here but an hour of your heating in the morning and at night will work absolute wonders, and is worth paying for.
  5. Put a jumper on. The advice of dads everywhere – and backed by qmunicate, because it’s just great advice. And, of course, it’s free. Hurrah!

Now go forth and live in glorious warmth and vitality.

[Laura Foster]

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