The Big Issues: Socks in Bed?

There’s some kind of big vote happening over the pond today, but here at qmunicate, we’ve been having our own debates over other very serious and divisive issues. Our editing team has never been more fragmented, and a full-on civil war nearly broke out between our contributors, but who will emerge victorious? Two of our editors battle it out, arguing their side in the most hotly contested issue of 2016 (maybe) – should you wear socks in bed?

“Justice for Cosy Feet”

Never one to shy away from a healthy debate, I recently posed a question to my Twitter followers: “Socks in bed – yes, or no?” Having always preferred being too warm over being too cold – it is, after all, far easier and takes considerably less time to cool down than it does to warm up – I was confident that they would agree with me, and vote in favour of wearing socks in bed. However, when the poll swung very much in the opposite direction (with 92% of votes against it at one point), I was outraged – I don’t take kindly to being told I’m wrong. Who were these people who didn’t appreciate the sensation of toasty feet when curled up in bed? Especially when student accommodation is so notoriously chilly, and the Glaswegian climate so unforgiving, the decision to go bare foot makes even less sense. What do you do when you have to get up in the middle of the night for the bathroom and brave bare feet on cold tiles? Or when you’re sharing a bed with someone, and you graze your toenails against their weird naked feet? Of course, sometimes it is just too warm to wear socks in bed, and that’s okay. But the demonization of the choice to wear socks in bed simply must be stopped, and the benefits of wearing them realised – if only for the fact that I refuse to believe that I could ever be wrong.

[Hannah Burke – @hannahcburke]

“Not In My Bed”

There are things about your friends and/or partner you wish you could have known about before it was too late. But the terror of realising they’re a noisy chewer or a One Direction fan is nothing compared to the polypropylene nightmare of finding out they sleep with socks on. After a long day in those sweaty sneakers, wandering around the wet streets of Glasgow, and possibly after a night out in a busy club, taking shoes and socks off can be just as satisfying as unhooking a bra. Stretching your toes and feeling chilly air between them just gives you life. Constricting feet in a stinky acrylic or cotton cage for a whole night would probably give me night terrors. There are so many better ways to stay warm in bed: blankets, a hot water bottle, sneakily stealing someone else’s body heat. Even the horror of long toe nails is nothing compared to feeling someone’s socks on your leg. Especially when pants are tucked into them, increasing the surface area of the dreaded enemies and therefore the chance of them coming into contact with your skin. Pure psychological torture. Make good life choices – take your socks off before getting into bed.

[Ludovica Credendino – @ludofaiga]



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