you and I met in a car park on a warm spring night in San Jose

that flash of your eyes meeting mine

(a sudden extreme feeling of anticipation) has never left the forefront of my brain and

I know I read you that poem, about living and loving in reverse but I’m not quite sure what it was that we did

did it all end then? at the beginning? my lungs are full of salt water and you are laughing in my head, your hands resting at the base of my back as you try to get me to turn and dance with you to your favourite fifteen seconds of music ever written but I tell you I’m too busy with breakfast because I am, but


what I meant was


I am too busy thinking of the rest of my life without this easy, beautiful domesticity to live a second longer in your arms but I let you spin me anyway, away from the eggshells and sharp knives

to a giggling shuffle where my bambi legs skitter on the ice of the kitchen floor

I sway my face into the side of your neck and when you still me to look up into my eyes

I want to drop dead.

[CC Writes +photo]


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