Perhaps from Heaven

Nobody would have had a happiness like us wistfully she thought as she wistfully stared up at the silhouetted sunset summer sky without her glasses on because she wanted this final moment to be raw just like when she was walking here all those days months years ago at the beginning of it all and felt Her presence as real as anything she’d ever touched or tasted and knew this was the one beautiful thing in life that was meant for her and that single moment of smooth untroubled happiness would never reach her again in their separate lives but here on this night with the sea stretched out to the universe and nothing but the light crash of the surf it could have been that summer from days months years ago or even a summer from lifetimes away where it wouldn’t matter that they were both girls or that Her mother was a Catholic or that laws change but people’s minds don’t but wistfully here on this beach that could be anywhere anytime she thought wistfully that the sand stretched out for miles and perhaps miles away it wouldn’t matter just like it doesn’t disturb the crash of the waves or the pitter patter of the birds’ feet on the sand that there would be two white dresses and not just one but this life she was stuck in with I love you She said just once only once was all she has to cling onto and wistfully she thought  maybe we were always meant to say goodbye as the history books and the Bible failed to mention two girls like us and perhaps from heaven she scoffed at the irony they wouldn’t have to meet their ending

[Georgina Hayes]

Image: Leah Henssge


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