Trump’s Scottish Golf Courses Struggle

Sweaty arse-crack of a human being, and U.S. president-elect, Donald J. Trump has yet again had his business credentials called in to question after it was revealed that his two Scottish golf resorts made a collective loss of £9.5 million last year. Trump’s controversial Aberdeenshire resort made a loss of £1.1million while his Ayrshire course racked up a loss of £8.4 million, meaning that both have officially been haemorrhaging money every year since they respectively opened.

Despite its less substantial financial losses, Trump’s Aberdeenshire resort is arguably the bigger disaster story of the two. Trump claimed, in typical grandiose fashion, that he would create, “the greatest golf course in the world,” upon a stretch of protected, unspoiled coastline which had been designated as a site of special scientific interest. Following initial condemnation by the Scottish government, and fierce opposition from locals and environmentalists, the project was greenlit on the grounds that it would provide a major boost to the local economy. The subsequent destruction of the delicate ecosystem and natural beauty of the site was arguably in vain considering the resort, which opened in 2012, proceeded to make a loss of £1.7 million in its first year, followed by a loss of £1.8 million in 2013, and a loss of £1.1 million in 2014, before its loss last year. On top of this, it has only produced 95 out of the 800 jobs Trump promised it would create.

Trump’s Scottish financial woes are merely a footnote in a hefty portfolio of business disasters which include a failed airline, vodka brand, board game, and line of steaks. The man whose corporations have filed for bankruptcy on four separate occasions (and who dealt extensively with Mafia controlled companies while building his New York property empire) is also in financial hot water on the other side of the pond owing to the failure of a business venture named ‘Trump University.’ The New York Attorney General handed Trump a $40 million lawsuit, which he has just settled for over half that, for allegedly defrauding the students of this sham educational establishment.

While visiting his Ayrshire golf course earlier this year, the demagogue was greeted by protesters carrying signs reading ‘Trump is a cunt’ and waving Mexican flags in protest of his pledge to build a wall along America’s Mexican border. Perhaps it is time – for the sake of good business practice at least – that a large, impenetrable wall is built around Mr. Trump.

[Riona Stewart]

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