Film Review: Trolls

Just as we forget the creepy plasticised Troll dolls from our youth, someone have brought them back to the limelight. DreamWorks seems to have come full circle in their latest animated movie, Trolls, returning to their ‘Shrek roots’ and introducing us to a new band of ugly yet adorable characters – whilst also creating a set of toe tapping tunes.

The film begins with the ogre-like ‘Bergens’ preparing to celebrate “Trollstace”, the one day of the year where they can experience happiness by ‘feasting’ on Trolls. Fortunately, the trolls, led by King Peppy, manage to escape from ‘Bergentown’ in time. Jump forward 20 years and King Peppy’s daughter, Princess Poppy (Anna Kendrick) decides to throw the ‘mother of all parties’ to celebrate the Trolls’ continued liberty. Of course the extravagant bash attracts the attention of the Bergens and, as predicted by ‘doomsday prepper’ Branch (Justin Timberlake), a handful of Trolls are stolen and taken to Bergentown to be eaten.

Thus begins the Disney/DreamWorks/Pixar plot we all know and love. After a little manipulation, Poppy coerces Branch into joining her Quest and they set out to rescue the other Trolls. As it happens, the quest is very productive with Branch finding his ‘colourful happiness’; the king finding true love (in a slightly Cinderella-esque plot detour) and Poppy teaching the Bergens the true nature of happiness – thankfully prohibiting future cannibalism.

Despite its star studded cast and fantastic music scores (including covers by Simon & Garfunkel, Donna Summer and Lionel Ritchie and originals like “Get Back Up Again”) Trolls is not quite as touching as other DreamWorks’ productions.

It may not be the most memorable of DreamWorks’ productions but it is definitely filled to the brim with optimism, good scores and energy (and glitter and sparkles of course)!

[Ilona Cabral]

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