Album Review: Perks by Redspencer

The Australian foursome’s new album Perks is easy going and summery, what one would expect if you crossed The Magic Gang, The Last Shadow Puppets and Simon & Garfunkel. The image that comes to mind when listening to them is a relaxed summer day spent drinking lemonade in cafes and lying in the grass.

As much as this chilled out vibe is pleasant, it has to be said, there are no songs on the album that stand out. They just flow into each other without you realising and though this means none of them are very memorable, as long as you don’t expect this album to change your life- that’s okay. Sometimes it’s nice to have music that isn’t pushing boundaries and can simply distract you from the stress of daily life. The lyrics, though simple, are positive and entertaining including the likes of  “Maybe it’s okay to hesitate, maybe something good will come along” and “as long as I’ve got a drink in hand, easy to keep a dancing mind”.  If you’re getting the fear this exam season, Perks offers the perfect escape.

[Yasmina Todd]

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