Album Review: Shaprece – C.O.A.L.S.


C.O.A.L.S. is a uniquely arranged album mashing together elements of ambient, electronic and orchestral arrangements complete with stilling soulful vocals. This mash-up is ever noticeable within its ten songs which adapts these elements in their own way to give listeners a unique 40 minutes of play time.

A personal favourite within the album would be “How Are You”. It feels like one of those songs you would listen to whilst you’re lying in bed struggling to sleep. The lyrics provided by Shaprece’s harmonic voice combines well with the relaxed electronic beat maintained throughout.  It somehow makes you forget about the world outside of her voice.

All the tracks focus on different emotional states with the music cohering with these. Orchestral elements are included in tracks such as “Carry You” which work well with the harmonies provided. All these things come together so well, making listening to the album just simply enjoyable. You soon lose those 40 minutes.

[Courtney Hughes – @iliveonwifi]


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