Arts Review: If You Find Errors In Schema

CCA, 6th – 21st January

If You Find Errors In Schema raises the question of how gaps are created between reality and our perception of reality. Once entered the empty space of the gallery, one is immediately taken aback by its openness and silence. What follows is a sense of urgency to break that silence which leads us to grab one of the eight headphones hanging on the walls. Each of them marks a distance starting from 1/4 miles to 7 miles, inviting us on a journey. The audio repeats the ambiguous yet rhythmic sound of what seems like footsteps, one mile and one headphone after the other. Soon, after all eight repetitions of the same pumping sound of rubber shoes and the same rubbing sound of pieces of garments, a sense of irritation fills the room.

What am I listening to? What is this sound? What is it NOT? And what are these weird stickers that cover the whole room, concealed in corners, beneath the windows and on the floor? When your entire world is reduced to repetitions, ambiguity and fragmentations, one starts to question reality. If you find errors in schema invokes thoughts surrounding errors in our schemas which create gaps in our cognitive functions, including perceptions, memories etc. Can we rely on what we perceive, or should we rather reflect upon what we THINK we perceive?

This is not your traditional exhibition where ideas and concepts are directly presented to you by the works of art. Here the art is not complete until the viewers interact with both the artworks and the artists. If you are patient enough, Francesca will tell you a fun little story of how the dark fungi on the stickers appeared on the wall because it was fed with honeydew. It gives you more answers than you think.

[Nini Huang]



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