Glasgow Protests Trump’s Inauguration

Protests were held in the city centre of Glasgow yesterday regarding the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States. A protest in George Square was organised by a number of Glasgow organisations, including Glasgow Free Pride, as an alternative to the Stand Up To Racism rally at the Donald Dewer Statue. The latter had attracted controversy due to the organisation’s links to the Socialist Workers’ Party, a far left group which in 2013 was found to be protecting senior members accused of rape.

The George Square protest was well attended, with a number of people holding pro-feminist and anti-racist placards and signs. Whilst no formal speakers had been booked for the event due its hasty organisation as an alternative to the SWP-led event, a number of protestors took up the megaphone to begin chants and to give speeches. Among the protestors were parents with children, as well as a number of students and other activists. The protest lasted for approximately an hour without great incident before qmunicate left to observe the second protest at the Donald Dewer statue.


This protest was also well-attended by a wide cross section of the community, with attendance by organisations such as the Faslane Peace Camp, who were unaware of the event’s links to the SWP. Although the protest was not advertised openly as a Socialist Workers’ Party event, there was still a significant presence. The official party paper was being handed out, whilst an official SWP stall promoted the party and its policies.


The protests stood in solidarity with events across the world protesting Trump’s presidency and the ideologies it promotes.

After the protests, qmunicate relocated to a nearby pub to drown our sorrows.

[Morgaine Das Varma and Jessica Shenton, Features Editors]

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