Coming Soon: Exposure Short Film Festival

After the successful debut at the Queen Margaret Union last year, Exposure Short Film Festival returns with brand new shorts, submitted from across the globe to display passion and compete for awards.

Film Festivals are held all over the planet from the esteemed Cannes Film Festival to Glasgow’s own Blueprint Shorts. While they represent different ends of a vast spectrum all have the same purpose – to provide opportunity for new, enthusiastic filmmakers and ultimately provide exposure, hence the name, for those hoping to grow and prosper within the industry that is filmmaking. Chance is the best thing that comes from events like Exposure, not only a chance for filmmakers to display their talents but a chance for us, the audience to witness what may one day be future household names.

As the closing date for submission approaches, some of the Union’s members briefly shared with us some of their favourite shorts selected so far, like Fears, a vibrant two-minutes long animation and I Believe In Pink, a documentary following the growing phenomenon that sees men of colour tattooing their lips pink.

So whether you’re looking for shorts of entertainment, craftsmanship, originality or sheer bat shit insanity, Exposure showcases them all. Grab a seat, relax with some food and beverages and enjoy what these latest filmmakers have to offer.

[Calum Cooper]

The event will take place on the 11th of February. Check the Facebook event for more information.

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