“New Year; New Me” – Millennial Proverb

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Despite my cynical outlook and disdain for tropes, I try my best to see a new year as an opportunity to start afresh, and this year, due to both my ever-increasing self-loathing and concern for the planet, I’ve made a drastic change that will hopefully save both: vegetarianism.

Despite animal-free diets becoming somewhat of a trend, I’ve personally struggled with transitioning beyond opting for soya-milk in my coffee. I desperately want to contribute to our generation’s epochal decision to give a damn about animal cruelty and climate change, but my relationship with food has always been turbulent and anxiety-inducing, and, as such, I find it embarrassingly hard to try new foods or even have a regular, balanced diet. It’s for these reasons and more that any time I’ve attempted to cut meat out of my diet, I’ve ended up frustrated and defeated.

In keeping with the tradition of resolutions, I’ve decided that 2017 is the perfect chance to finally make this positive change to my lifestyle. Sometimes it takes a communal effort to succeed. Solidarity and moral support are extremely important in this age of social media: if you don’t post about going to the gym, did you even exercise?

We are 14 days in and I feel more confident about food than in years: I’m learning to relax and enjoy food. It’s been very challenging, and I still on occasion find myself exhausted in Tesco desperately trying to find something substantial I can manage for dinner, however –  this is my most successful attempt thus far.

Hopefully, this uncharacteristic optimism is a sign of 2017 being better than last year’s total shit show (despite impending fascism and Br*xit, but that’s another article). Whether my vegetarianism only lasts a month or even two, I’d like to think I’ve made a difference – however small – in fighting the earth’s destruction, and maybe even done some good for myself, too.

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