Album Review: Départe – Failure, Subside


Départe have found the perfect middle ground of their debut EP on their new album, surrounding itself with noise but pushing horrorcore sounds, such as in Ashes In Bloom, that portray guilt. The entrapment of black metal within this wall-of-sound is prolonged whilst they take doom metal, in Grief Echoes, and warp it dangerously. At times the music comes across more as generic than a masterful joining with ordinary black metal riffs played slowly backed by simple blast beats. However, the production brings forth amazing textures, demonic, or robotic, vocals in the best tracks; grimy guitars working within a wall-of-sound. They also push the mellower side of Blackgaze within tracks like Wither, where the progression works to push the sound as a new standard. Deafheaven were dreamy and happy, Départe are noisy and horrific. Masterful as this is, I feel as though they have much more to give.

[Tess Dawson]

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