Live Review: Crystal Castles

07/11/16 – The Garage

Toronto electronic duo Crystal Castles are back post-breakup with the kind of warped screams and off-kilter beats that’ll kill your grandad’s pacemaker. Given the controversy surrounding instrumentalist Ethan Kath’s revisionist history of the group following vocalist Alice Glass’ departure in 2014, Kath’s new Castles are on top form, perhaps lending credence to his claims.

New vocalist Edith Frances does well to match the energy of the absent Glass, hitting nerve-crunching decibels and dousing herself and the crowd throughout in a bottled water baptism. With a tight set including tracks from their latest outing Amnesty (I) – the sombre Char a standout – interspersed with Glass-era crowdpleasers, fans new and old were given something to chew on. The band’s chart hit cover Not in Love saved for the encore. Despite past turmoil Crystal Castles emerge unbroken, kicking off their 2016 tour with a sharp reminder of their position as frontrunners of electronic noise.

[Ronan Duff] 

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