Get Your Shit Together

It’s easy to let things slip as a student. A missed lecture here, a midday nap there and before you know it you’ve been in bed for thirty hours and have toast crumbs down your pants. It’s all too easily done and even easier to justify by muttering “it’s just self-care,” under your breath. Unfortunately, it’s a rut that’s very difficult to get out of. It is possible though, with a little effort.

Turn off The Smiths and get out of bed; it’s time to sort your life out.

You need to make your bed and tidy your room. If you’ve been in the same room for several consecutive days, it’s going to smell a little ripe. Make it look like an Instagram post then go all the way and turn it into an actual Instagram post. Put up a few selfies too – they’re good for the soul. Before the selfies, though, put some clothes on. Really go for it and have a shower too. On days when the journey to your kitchen seems insurmountable, it’s amazing what a clean set of clothes can do

Cook some food. We’re not talking cheesy pasta here. We’re talking a big, shut-up, slightly too expensive to justify meal. Go for one that you need to concentrate on making and that has vegetables in it. Think souped-up comfort food. This step is important because if you’re putting care into what you eat then you’re putting care into your body.

Finally – and this step is the hardest – check your uni emails. Feel free to approach them with a sense of abject terror, but approach them nonetheless. It’s incredibly unlikely that your inbox will contain any angry emails from your tutor telling you that you’re rubbish and should drop out. 1) You aren’t rubbish, and 2) university staff aren’t really allowed to say stuff like that. Once you’ve opened MyGlasgow, you’ve effectively attended class for the day – well done.

These steps may be small but they are powerful. Achieve these and your life might not be perfect, but you will at least be clean, have a newly made bed, and be full of good food.

[Laura Foster]


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