Album Review: Abendrot – You Blew It!


In You Blew It!’s new, short, sweet, and generally backstabbing LP, they reach back into the Midwest Emo movement of the 90s for a final reinvention. Some bands, Mooseblood being prominent, have attempted revival and come out as nostalgia-fests, however this LP’s progression, individuality, and above all, in-group synergy have brought it above the usual critique.

On songs like Autotheology, they are influenced uniquely by post-grunge (a la Pinkerton or Pablo Honey), whilst bouncing the guitar riffs off of the drum beats as supremely as they do in Arrowhead, which is also notable for being one of the few songs where the generic indie-esque vocalist helps rather than hinders. The unconventional but yet conventionally misused claps found in Minorwye destroy the initial impression, working in synergy with the drums rather than just acting as a third arm of the drummer, and the shoegaze-esque vocal section in Forecasting, representing Cocteau Twins’ Dream Pop, are used similarly stunningly. The only criticisms I could level at this masterful heart-wrenching LP is that the vocalist is mostly generic sounding and the guitars feel overproduced in the slower songs.

[Tess Dawson] 

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