Reaching Those 10,000 Hours…

So you’re getting to that stage in the semester when deadlines are coming your way like a shark hurtling towards poor, innocent legs. The Jaws soundtrack feels symbolic of your stress and anxiety, the coffee cups are being refilled an unhealthy amount, your sleeping pattern is fucked and the only thing in your fridge is an old, lonely onion. Well I’ve got news for you, babe – this is okay.

“Okay?!” you exclaim with anger and ferocity. Yes. It is. Why? Because it means you’re one step closer to reaching your goals. The taste of your diploma is so close that you can already feel it in your hands. The world may seem like it’s ending. The despair, the regret, the caffeine-fuelled shakes…we’ve all felt it. But you can do this!

Come on, at the bottom of your heart you know you’ve got what it takes. You already worked so hard through school, did countless essays and exams, and put up with shitty teachers, lecturers and group projects to get here. One more assignment is not going to get the better of you. You’re incredible; your track record so far is 100%, and it’s not about to be broken now!

There’s nothing you’re not capable of, whether it’s researching that topic you just don’t get, doing that impossible calculation, or simply writing that final X amount of words. It may feel like you’re a mess, but you’re not. You’re a student with some work to do.

Who cares if you’ve not done your washing in three weeks or eaten enough for two for lunch every day this week? I would of course advocate looking after yourself and making sure you’re eating right and sleeping enough, but if you’re working hard and these things fall by the wayside, do not feel bad. You’re one step closer to reaching those 10, 000 hours. One step closer to never having to sit in that exam hall you hate, making your parents and proud and defying anyone who ever made you doubt yourself. Come on, I believe in you – and so should you!

[Yasmina Todd]

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