Album Review: Half-Waif – form/a


In the opening track of Half Waif’s EP ‘form/a’, soft and simple rhythms build up into an electronic sound, obscuring Nandi Rose Plunkett’s singing. The artist – who wrote, recorded and produced this album –  presents us with a full sound and evocative layering of different pitches of her voice with mechanical, fuzzy sounds as well as Celtic influences.  

This rich collage of soundscapes might be the result of Plunkett’s upbringing and background – daughter of an Indian refugee and an American with Irish and Swiss roots, she grew up in multicultural Williamstown, Massachusetts listening to a wide variety of music. “I’m sentimental, nostalgic – yet constantly seeking what’s next, excavating the sound of my past and colouring it to make the sound of my future,” the artist says, and this search is tangible. Yet the songs are connected by Plunkett’s beautiful, clear voice, waving in and out of the music. While her lyrics aren’t the strongest, the sense of exploration in the melodies create a dreamlike, vibrant and engaging world.  
[Aike Jansen]

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