Album Review: Miman – Nicole Sabouné


Saboune pays as much dividends to her late Joy Division and early New Order influence as she does (oddly) to Amy Lee and the late Lisa Johansson on her operatic post-punk Miman. Originally scouted from The Voice, Saboune’s grande contralto drones push through the slowcore and synth touched goth rock backing to convey themes of loss, heartbreak, and nihilism throughout this above all depressing list of pop songs.

At times her drones become deserving and fulfilling cries (towards the end of “We Are No Losers”), but at times (“Bleeding Faster”) she gets a bit full of herself emotionally (see “I love you, Charlie” repeated) and plays out snuff scenes with a hair more subtlety and artistry than Disturbed. Whilst the longest songs are far too drawn out with little progression, the album still holds together as a well-made (if slow) and instrumentally repetitive goth rock album reminiscent of a lighter The Foreshadowing, mixing together eclectic and crafted goth rock and a toned down version of essential 00s ‘cringecore’ (forgive my wording).

[Tess Dawson]


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