Dating: Two’s A Crowd?

There is a reason people like going on dates. They’re the perfect way to build up a bit of excitement with your new beau, getting those butterflies in your tummy going. Dating is the stage when things aren’t yet that serious, and you can leave all those worries about the future aside. Most importantly, it gives you that precious time to get to know somebody one-on-one. So, why not date yourself?

The first times that I experimented with doing things alone was because I had to. I was in a city I didn’t know and had a lot of spare time to kill by myself. So instead of just sitting in my room all day, I decided to accept the challenge and explored the city alone. I found that I loved going to museums by myself – it gave me the time and space to look at what I’m interested in and just skip what bored me to bits. I also loved going to different parks; simply sitting on a bench and watching people, writing in my diary, or reading a book. It is such a liberating experience to recognise that you can get out and do things without needing someone by your side.

But I also found that I’m not quite brave enough yet to eat alone in a restaurant, or sip a pint in a pub on my lonesome. Just like with relationships, every dating experience is going to be different. Some dates are better suited to one person’s preferences over another’s. So don’t put any pressure on yourself; just do what feels right.

And maybe you don’t know what you want yet; that’s also perfectly fine. It just means you’re in the experimentation phase, which is just as exciting as it sounds. Give things a go, and don’t give a crap what other people might think about it. Dating yourself is such a special experience because it’s time you dedicate solely to your own whims, wishes and desires. So the next time you want to go out and do something but can’t find anybody to go along with, why not take it as a sign to try it out by yourself?

[Kirsty Campbell]

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