Rise and Whine

There is nothing that could ever motivate me to ‘greet the day’ at 7am every day.  I couldn’t care less that according to Forbes, only by doing so can I become a success. Keep your success; I’d rather stay in bed.

For many students, getting up in the morning can often feel like rising from the grave. The concept of being able to productively function before 10am is an entirely foreign one. I’ve accepted that I am not a morning person, despite multiple campaigns attempting to make me one.  Even a plate of hash browns (the God of potato-based breakfast foods) at 8am during exam season couldn’t lure me from my duvet.

Of course, this is not the case for all students. Many people work best in the mornings, finding them motivational as opposed to draining. These people may be supernatural in some way, or perhaps that their bodies just work differently; I’d argue the former though.

Waking up is just part of the student sleeping pattern struggle. With a constant onslaught of 50-page seminar readings, deadlines and essays, it can be hard to complete it all within the hours of daylight. This can mean the midnight oil is one that is burnt at an alarmingly frequent rate. For example, due to the logic of student housing (the logic which is only understandable to those who let them out), the bedrooms in my flat have tiny windows above the doors. So, it can be seen when your housemates are up until 4am every night. It’s now a game for my flat mates and I to compete at who is the most nocturnal.

It can often feel totally impossible to balance uni, work, extracurriculars, a social life, healthy habits, and still get enough sleep. When many student jobs require you to work ridiculous hours, from violently early mornings to late into the night, sleep becomes a secondary concern and the concept of 8-hours of night is just (pun intended) a dream. Why is managing an average routine such a challenge for us? Is it just the nature of the student life, with balancing so many varied responsibilities? Whatever it may be, it’s exhausting, and I can only hope I figure it out before I have to work a 9-to-5.
[Grace Michael – @gracemichael925]

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