QMU Annual General Election Hustings 2017 Liveblog

Welcome to qmunicate’s liveblog! Tonight candidates for all the positions except President will be speaking, so candidates for the positions of Current Student Representatives, Campaign and Charities Convenor, Events Convenor, Publications Convenor, Social Convenor, Vice President (Membership, Clubs & Societies), Vice President (Board of Management) and Former Student Member will be here, and making their case for your vote! qmunicate are buzzing, and you should be too.

18:17 – And we’re off! CSR A candidates are first on the stage

Mitchell Welsh is first to present his case. They are is a current 1st year student representative but wants to come back for more! If elected again, they want to bring back QMU karaoke as a bi-weekly event and run auditions for the hosts of these nights. They also want to update the QMU website so that it actually displays the current weekly schedule.

Priyanka Chandi is a second year Psychology student and an active member of Charities and Campaigns committee. Their main ideas involve making monthly mental health workshops run by charities such as SAMH and self-help seminars in accordance with Elephant in the Room where charities can talk; screening more international movies to appeal to more international student, they want to bring more Bollywood into the QM; and hosting more religious and cultural events.

Charles Sherrington is a 2nd year History student part of the social committee, events committee, and spends many a drunken night here in the QMU. Their main ideas involve introducing weekly meetings for all convenors to increase communication between committees; ensuring all board members receive basic tech training to help out on events; and give more emphasis to live music gigs in the QM and more chilled evenings like regular bingo nights! They also want to create a subcommittee in charge of promoting events.

18:21 – President Jack Smith is in with the first question: If you had an unlimited budget, what would you do with it?

CS: Would continue big events after Fresher’s Week

PC: Would have every board member have peer mentoring

MW: A working lift, and refurbishment for the whole building. Plus capes for everyone!

18:23 – Events Mike Setchell hits out with the next question: What is the best thing and the worst thing the QM does?

MW: I like how easy it is to become a member. Bad thing is how disorganised the PR is.

PC: How inclusive and welcoming everyone is.

CS: Our events are the best thing, but the PR surrounding those events does get a bit lost.

Q3. You’re all already involved in the union, how does that help?

CS: Lets you know how the union works already

PC: You can see how much hard work is put into everything. You need hard work and dedication.

MW: When he wrote his manifesto last time around, many things were already being done. Now they know what’s being done?

Mike Setchell again: What sets you apart from the others?

MW: I’m an idiot and you need out of the box ideas.

PC: My differing background. As an ethnic minority I would show that Indians can get involved.

CS: Ability to fix things as they happen, and foresee problems.

Q4. Which of the other candidates would you vote for?

CS: I would vote for both.

PC I know Mitchell more than CS and so them

MW: I know PC more and I have worked on board with them, so Priyanka.

Q5. How would you bring more people in the QM?

MW: Talking to people outside the QMU rather than just committee members

PC: Use Facebook for PR more so people know how to approach and give feedback

CS: Make it known the QMU isn’t a closed group, let people know they can approach us easily.

Q6. What’s your favourite dinosaur and fav Hogwarts house?

CS: T-rex, greatly misunderstood and could be lovely! And I’m a Slytherin (no hate!)

PC: Probably t-rex

MW: Slytherin cause I’m a snake! And some dinosaur we’ve never heard of and can’t spell.

Q7. What super power would you have?

MW: Sorcery like Dr. Strange to fight evils of GUU

PC: Mind reading and being able to manipulate people (is that a bad thing…)

CS: Ability to teleport so you can do more at once.

Q8. To MW, from your manifesto 6 months ago, what have you done and did it work?

MW: Found out a lot of things were already in action, planning events for Red Nose Day and some things are already coming in on that. Hope to improve on what they’ve already done.

Q9: To PC, what’s the selection process for international films and music?

PC: Feedback form from students around campus to hear what the uni community want.

Q10. to CS: Tech and PR, we already do. How would you improve?

CS: Have lot of committees which cover a huge range of topics. Have weekly meetings for convenors would mean everyone will know exactly what goes on. Basic tech training can be improved on. PR can be improved if put into a sub committee.

Q11. to MW, any better way to improve the website?

MW: Improve the sites like Instagram and stuff that people can actually use.

Q12. What’s your favourite event you’ve been involved in?

MW: FUQ cause I’m a nerd and I like asking those questions.

PC: The coffee morning

CS: The foam party.

Q13. Which event would you like to see more supported?

CS: Music events, they need a wider input from outside the QM.

PR: More PR for Elephant in the Room.


Q14. To CS: How would you improve tech in the building?

CS: Would be nice to have tech that doesn’t constantly die.


18:43 – We’re now on to CSR B with Kelly MacArthur!

Kelly MacArthur is a second year Classics and Theatre Student who first got involved in the QMU this year as a Fresher’s Helper, and comes to the union often for publications committee and throughout the day. Their main policies include working with Elephant in the Room to set up various support groups for students, along the lines of GUSA’s starfish. They also plan to introduce fun non-alcoholic drinks for non-drinkers.

Q1. Would you focus on events we do or what we sell?

KM: All events. Look at the cocktails we sell and make a better alcohol free equivalent.

Q2. If you had an unlimited budget…

KM: Bring more bands and performances. The QM is a music place. Also a Beer Garden for when it’s actually sunny.

Q3. What support groups are you looking for? And what’s Muggle?

Muggle= non-alcoholic drink. Support drinks cos we need more chances to just sit down and chat about how it’s going. More like a informal peer chat.

Q4. What non-alcoholic drinks would you bring?

A virgin on a beach! Maybe change the name.

Q5. Specific recipe?

Orange juice, cranberry and another kind of fruit, we missed it, sorry.

Q6. Would you introduce cheaper non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers?

Yeah definitely if it’s possible!

Q7. Fav dino and magical beast?

T-rex and Hedwig

18: 49 – And now it’s 1st Year Current Student Representative B time!

Daniel Donoher is a first year student of Russian and Philosophy and enjoys grabbing a bite in Scran and going to events in QUDOS. They want to create two spaces in the QM – one where students can eat branded food, and another napping area. In addition, they would like to set up a mental health clinic and support group.

Q1. unlimited budget blah blah

I like the ideas of a new lift and beer garden. Probably some sort of refurb, especially for QUDOS.

Q2. Some philosophy question from Jimmy Donaghy. Thanks Jimmy.

Q3. Does having napping spaces encourage bad study habits?

It would have to be regulated but with things like insomnia bad sleeping habits can really mess you up. I don’t think anyone would be going in to have a nap constantly.

Q4. What is your fav transformer. You can’t say Optimus Prime

Bumbleebee cause he expresses himself without words.

Q5. How would your mental health clinic be set up? Who would run it?

Preferably professionals, and subsidised by the uni, but there would be fundraising involved.

Q6. Did you know you could eat your food in QUDOS? What do you plan to make your sleep pods happen and how would you pay for it?

It would just be a room where people can get a rest. I personally would be happy with just a chair if it was permitted. I also only saw the posters [about food] today, but I have been moaned at about it before. Jim’s would be too small for the nap room. QUDOS is a big space and not very lively in the afternoons/evenings.

Q7. Are you interested in the quiet reflection space that Nour El-Issa campaigned for previously?

Yes, but with the size of the TV Room I think it would be busy, but I am interested in it.

Q8. Why not go to Elephant in the Room, why do you need to be on board?

Didn’t actually know about it. Haven’t seen much PR around the place but yeah if possible I’d try to make that committee be more well known.

Q9. Dinosaur and Hogwarts house?

Bronchiaurous (sp?) Cos it’s big and cool. And Slytherin.


19:16 – Alright now it’s time for Campaigns and Charities Convenor!

Emily Rose is a third year English Literature/Mathematics student who fell in love with C&C in their first week of third year. They would like to see more involvement from committee members and the encouragement of personal connections, more support for charities without necessarily giving money, such as blood drives, and supporting other groups on campus like GU Red Alert, Sexpression and others.

Q1. If you were going to be a biscuit, which one would you be and why would that make you a good board member?

A regular digestive biscuit – boring but versatile.

Q2. How would you work with QUEST?

We did work with them in the past, and we can have a more casual relationship where we ask them for advice.

Q3. What do you think about (presidental candidate) Nour’s ideas about breaking up Campaigns and Charities into two committees?

Personally I would prefer to keep them together, but we would be able to see how they work.

Q4. How would you incorporate organisations where you can help without money into the QM?

I think it’s more about promoting them, they might not physically come into the building but we can support them on social media.

Q5. Any events you want to see that we haven’t done?

Just today I saw PreP drug campaigning, and we could help with that.

Q6. Why didn’t you run last year, when you were thinking about it?

Running Elephant in the Room, and personal reasons.

Q7. What’s your fav charity?

That’s hard, I like so many! I’ve been very involved with campaigns about blood cancer.

Q8. What’s your fav campaign?

Glasgow Marrow is a campaign, sign up!

Q9. C&C has had difficulty in getting people to stay so involved. What’s your plans to help that?

Letting people know they can come along to just push one event if they want, and so it’s not that big of a commitment.

Q10. Who’s your favourite ever lefty?

We have too many good ones to choose from, but me?

Q11. Unlimited budget…

Decent peer support, and hiring actual counsellors. Just give lots of money to charities!

Q12. Hogwarts and dinosaurs?

Triceratops wearing sunglasses, and Ravenclaw.

Q13. The QMU focuses on many different campaigns, do we spread ourselves too thin.

Thinks that’s a valid criticism, it’s not an easy problem to fix. Wants to focus on monthly campaigns.


19:29 – Now we’re on to Events Convenor with Cameron and Jimmy.

Cameron Logan is a 2nd year History student who attends Events committee and plays a part in organising the club night FLUX. Their ideas to bring to the committee are playing to QMU strengths by keeping a monthly club night but exploring more ideas for the space; lead meetings with enthusiasm; break the committee into more sections to cover decorations and PR; include more cultural and international events and ensure these are PR-ed well by coming up with a timetable to stagger the online PR. Wants to structure events around venue rather than vice versa.

Jimmy Donaghy has been involved in events and publications before. Their main policies involve making a guide to help with the distribution of labour that goes into creating an event in the union. This would give members substantial work experience with management. They would also like to introduce more varied nights to compete with the likes of the Art School. As Jimmy has been a CSR and CCSR, they believe they have a firm grasp of the QMU’s strengths and weaknesses, and good relationship with both board and staff. Ask him about techno.

Q1. Both talked about structure of events committee. To CL, is it so flawed that we have to dramatically change it, to JD: what do you mean by normalise it.

CL: I don’t think it’s flawed, I want to make it one committee rather than divided up by subcommittees.

JD: Completely disagree. Everyone understands responsibilities with current system, works better at times than others.

Q2. Bring out the good qualities in any supervillian.

JD: The Joker’s a smart cunt.

CL: I agree, the guy’s got a system. He gets the job done.

Q3. What would you say the events committee’s biggest problem and what would you do about it?

CL: Having a music subcommittee and a club subcommittee. It should all be together.

JD: Lack of ambition, we don’t do many fancy things. Should improve that. Instead of giving up on things instantly we should work on them and develop.

Q4. Are you okay with how the pricing system works, in terms of charging for events, or would you change that?

JD: Price on demand. Try to keep it as low as possible to encourage people in, put on lots of low cost events will bring in more money.

CL: I would keep the bar sales separate, but lower the prices from £5 to something like £4, discounts for people who go to BWNQ before FLUX for example.

Q5. What makes you better for the position in terms of experience?

CL: Large involvement in FLUX, and also involved separately with music events.

JD: Jimmy had a track of the day on the radio in 2014. He would put on more diverse events that are more modern and popular.

Q6. The university has neglected the QM money-wise. How would you like to see the budgeting focused?

JD: We could cut down on frivolous stuff, recruit volunteers to do PR and use in-house resources.

CL:  Work events around budget, have events planned early at the start of the first semester, to better plan out the budget.

Q7. How would you try to stop the lacklustre success of recent QMU events?

CL: Would remind committee members that they are volunteers and thank them for their efforts. I would have them feel like their contributions are valued.

JD: We need to be trying to do different things. If we can put on more events such as in the Berkeley suite, and encourage personal involvement.

Q8. Would you support a return to a weekly clubnight?

JD: Definitely on the cards, whether we could put something on that’s high enough quality is the issue. Would have to be able to sustain itself.

CL: Idea been brought up about a weekly funk clubnight starting from September onwards in QUDOS, needs a clubnight that actually has an identity.

Q9. Would be your ideal freshers’ week and following three or four weeks?

CL: Definitely like to see increase in DJs/bands that are very recognisable. Would like to have a FLUX night and Funk night so Freshers’ actually know what we do. Would like to see a committee fair in QUDOS instead of coffee mornings.

JD: Freshers is one of the best things we do. At this point it’s a bit formulaic. Try to get more events during the year, can’t afford really well known band, but more DJs.

Q10. More people are going to Hive, although our freshers was more popular. Why and how would you fix it?

JD: Would do something similar to GUU where freshers week shows some of the stuff we will do through out the year, so people know what we do.

CL: Continuity would be key, FLUX night and Funk night again. Would also like an international body to come in, as they don’t get as much union involvement as they should have.

Q11. If events continue failing, can that be solved by events committee, or do you need to look further up the chain?

CL: Events committee, need to do the PR and get people involved, and ask people outside the QM what they want to see. It’s about finding what people want to come to.

JD: Events can be responsible, if people aren’t coming, we’re doing something wrong. We need to try new things, no reason why we can’t have things on every week. We need to ask people outside the union.

Q12. What do you have that your opponent doesn’t, that makes you a better events convenor?

JD: I’m been CSR, CCSR, I’ve got relevant experience that I don’t think Cameron has. I want to try new things actively whereas CL seems to be happy with just suggesting stuff.

CL: I don’t want to just suggest, I am actively involved with setting new things up, I want to increase the amount of international bodies in, such as a Day of the Dead night.

Q13. We have a hard time getting people to even put up hard PR, how would you motivate the committee to put up the material and to actively seek out bands.

CL: Could hand out QM coupons for people who hand out PR, in terms of getting bands, it’s important to branch out and do your own research.

JD: I would get a shindig together with booze and go nuts with some posters. People love getting mwi.

Q14. What’s your favourite band/artist and how would you get them to the QM?

JD: Lethal Bizzle, and I think Lethal Bizzle does his own thang.

CL: Jamie Callaghan – greatest artist of the 21st century. Would PR it in a a sense that he’s really good.

Q15. How would you get riskier/ out there bands into the QM?

CL: PR the shit out of everything, and would actually ask the study body if they wanted to see them and why? Then spread reasons about.

JD: Disagrees that out there bands are riskier, you do many things if you put the effort in. With the size of the student population you can fill pretty much any event. Problem is getting the PR to people who want to see it.

Q16. Would you be more willing to appeal to musical clubs and societies?

JD: Absolutely, and I think they would bring in their own people. There would be more people who would be excited to help.

CL: I would love to work v closely with C&C about this, would be easy to get charity involvement and raise money for them. There are societies who are involved in these charities, and could approach smaller bands to play.

Q17. When we get smaller bands in, attendance is shit. Would you focus on lots of small events or a few big ones?

CL: I think it’s important to have a mix – there should be more QMU Live, for example. In terms of having bigger bands, that’s where the budget comes into it. Planning events in advance to know how often we could have bigger bands.

JD: To best of their knowledge, larger bands have came in through outside organisations. QMU Live is alright, but if people aren’t coming PR is bad. Having more small bands that are promoted.

Q18. To CL, how many FLUX nights have you been involved in? And are you in a membership role?

CL: One, and no. I put a lot of time and effort in it, and spoke to the host. Did a lot of the PR.

Q19. To JD, you and Maggie Brunker both discussed having games nights, who would run it?

JD: Money could be earned with bars if they run on.

Q20. To CL, would you work with more charities or focus?

CL: I think it’s important to carry on with things like the Red Ribbon Ball, and would discuss it with the C&C convenor.

Q21. To CL, you said you would work with other students bodies. Would this include GUU and SRC, and how?

CL: Absolutely, it’s important to work with other student body membership. Reduce hostility and benefit the QM by hosting events.

Q22. To JD, what parts of the FLUX structure would you use?

JD: In the PR strategy, decor etc., and getting a general consensus. Having clearer roles.

Q23: To CL, you said you contributed to the music choice in FLUX. Can you clarify?

CL: I helped come up with the music genre.

Q24: To CL, you seem to be in favour of centralisation. Do you think that could work considering that two years ago events suffered as the convenor had to do a lot of the form? What you suggested didn’t work in the past.

CL: That would be a problem with the convenor not delegating responsibility. I would give out jobs to more people.

Q25. To JD, how would you make events that societies already do more enticing?

JD: We could work with societies, it’s a matter of finding out if people on campus are into an event. If we could make our facilities available that would be good.

20:38 – And we move onto Publications Convenor with Aike, Clare and Chloe.

Aike Jansen is the current Arts and Culture editor at qmunicate magazine. Their ideas are to continue with the creative writing section and expand the photography page to include graphic design and illustrations; start a photo essay online and get press passes to gigs for photographers as well as writers; upgrade the design of the website and the magazine itself; make sure meetings end by 7pm instead of going over; and finally continue with inclusive social events that don’t just centre around drinking.

Clare Patterson is a 3rd year English Literature student who has been a constant qmunicate contributor for the past three years, this year was a column writer with ‘The Black Dog Club’ and was also a features editor at GUM. Their ideas are to: start a podcast to bring in more journalists who aren’t just interested in written content; appoint a photo and illustration editor to expand the visual style of the magazine; build connections across campus by working with as many other societies and venues as possible and cover lots of exciting events going on across campus just like our recent Arts feature series ‘Glesga’s Gold”.

Chloe Tobin-Kemmer is a 3rd year English Language who has been on CSR board, worked as publications lieutenant (leftie), and has been an active member of the publications convenor as a writer. Their ideas include: introducing new forms of media such as videos to encourage even more diversely talented contributors in; also using videos to help bring in more advertising so we can showcase what they have to offer; videos get lots of views so will help advertise the magazine also; bring in a snapchat account for the magazine to give a snapshot of background workings and show where we distribute magazines; and finally would like to have the editors interact more with those on board so the union could reflect back on itself in its own publication.

Q1. Can Chloe and Clare finish their intros?

CP: Would love to involve more societies around campus and involve more photos, like they do really well in GUM.

CTK: The discussions at qmunicate are excellent and this would work really well as videos and podcasts, also as a sponsorship aid.

Q2. What is pubs biggest flaw?

CTK: it’s quite separate from the rest of the union, and it would be good to incorporate it back into the ethos of the union. Not propagana style but it would be good to have meetings with the board and the editors.

CP: I would agree, community aspect can seem quite isolating for people looking to get involved, which is why Clare want to reach out to wider student populations

AJ: Meetings are too long, which is good but tiring and so Aike would be a strong chair. System is also too vague, wants more transparency.

Q3. How would you keep the meetings fun?

AJ: A strong relationship with the editors to have a good variety with a mix of fun and serious pitches, to make sure the meetings don’t get too down.

CP: Within meetings, you have to play it by ear to keep the conversation from wandering too far. Encourage the conversation in the bar afterwards.

CTK: Agrees with Clare that the conversations do sometimes drift too far, need to make sure all editors are passionate. Can’t pick what to choose are sometimes dark things are relevant but as long as everyone is passionate. More potlucks.

Q4. Peter Dobbins asks if he is elected as President, would pubs be able to quality check articles for his planned literary agency.

CTK: What’s good is very subjective, and all our contributors are very good. We should look at what’s already there in regards to that.

CP: Cat started a very successful creative writing session, and we should probably work on this and build this up at first. Probably can’t jump right into literary agency.

AJ: Agree with Clare, start with creative writing section.

Q5. If you had to vote for another candidate, who would it be?

AJ: Clare, because their ideas about photography and cross campus involvement are really good.

CP: doesn’t know as both have great ideas, takes the cop-out answer.

CTK: Same as Clare, but thinks that Clare’s podcast idea is quite similar to their video, so Clare.

Q6. What are your community building skills like?

CTK: Was involved in their charity committee in school with a large group of people, and it was a struggle but they like pretty much everyone and you need to play to people’s strengths.

CP: Has been features editor for GUM for the past year, which is a similar role to qmunicate editor. It’s different from convenor, but it’s a step on the ladder.

AJ: As Arts Editor, it involves a lot of communication with writers and press contacts, and thinks they have done it well. Always sends feedback to contributors, so builds a community.

Q7. Many qmunicate writers go to other student media meetings, but that doesn’t really happen vice versa.

AJ: wants to have cross campus meetings, would bridge the gaps between the meetings.

CP: Likes the idea of having events such as journalism meetings, like the ones that were held this year, and this did attract people to go to other publications meetings. Having one a few times a semester could bring people together.

CTK: Having videos and podcasts brings in a new kind of media and might bring in more people. Can use GUST’s experience (but not do the same thing). And more potlucks!

Q8. Two new sections were introduced this year – Science and Tech, and Creative Writing, what do you think about these?

CTK: thinks these have been very successful, would like to publish more creative writing in the print magazine, and science and tech should also have tasters in the print magazine.

CP: enjoys the accessibility of science and tech to people who don’t do science degree. Thinks qmunicreate is doing great on its own. Would go into science lectures to promote S&C.

AJ: Agrees, would give qmunicreate more space in the magazine, like to spread the word more cross-campus. Would like the S&C to grow even further.

Q9. The position also involves attending board meetings, what could you contribute to this.

AJ: Not a QMU insider, so brings a new perspective.

CP: Would be very enthusiastic and use the opportunity to get more involved in the union.

CTK: Only one who’s held a board position, does benefit from having previously been on board, and would like to continue some of the work they’ve done before, and now involving qmunicate.

Q10. What have you looked for in a convenor as a contributor?

CTK: Both Scott and Cat have been approachable, and I would aim to be that as well. Also need to be someone who can command a room.

CP: Enthusiasm is most important thing, both for discussion with contributors and the magazine itself.

AJ: Feedback, it’s a learning experience and people should gain from writing for qmunicate. About the magazine works as well  as articles.

Q11. How would you work on advertising, and financing?

AJ: It’s very tough, and I don’t think it should rely only on the Pubs convenor, as they aren’t trained. Updating the website would make us more professional looking.

CP: Had to seek advertising with GUM, and just had to keep asking until something works.

CTK: Bringing in videos and advertising, concerns about “selling out”, but if we trust the team then it can be used to speak to sponsors and businesses to raise money.

Q12. Would you work alongside with Glasgow Guardian, G-You and GUM, how would you find the time and how would it benefit the QMU?

CTK: Problem is QMU reaches out and doesn’t get a lot back. Benefits from having more contributors and more ideas.

CP: Talking more about social nights with other media outlets rather than working on output together. We essentially do the same things. More joins us than divides us.

AJ: So much to learn from each other, different perspectives, very valuable things to learn.

Q13. Publications is the best attended committee, why is that, and how would you share that with the other committees?

AJ: There’s so much to take from it, free tickets as well as opportunity to share ideas. Also structure builds community.

CP: Free stuff attracts people but committee keeps people there. Key to getting people to other committees is spreading community feel.

CTK: Important to emphasis to get what you’re getting from participation in committee, other committees need to make sure people know about what’s happening.

Q14. How would you change the structure of qmunicate, and incorporate the new aspects?

CTK: Be good to have a video page, and have playlists linked in with the (new!) website.

CP: Has seen how photo editor works at GUM, would be good as editors currently have extra work in finding pictures.

AJ: Would continue to work with photography group without editor, but expand it to include illustrations. Redesigning the website over the summer, either with a student graphic designer, or with a professional.

Q15. How would you help stop editors giving poor feedback?

AJ: Would give a workshop on how to give feedback on how to find the balance between positive and negative feedback. Also being approachable.

CP: Emphasis the importance of constructive criticism, and remind editors what it’s like to just be starting out in journalism.

CTK: Work with editors to make sure they phrase feedback well.

Q16.  Which mainstream publication is your inspiration for qmunicate?

CTK: no one publication, elements from many, such as Vice and the Skinny. Works well both online and in print. As well as some more mainstream publications such as Buzzfeed and BBC the Social.

CP: Inspiration from things like Dazed and so Cuddly (?), and initiatives to work with new illustrators and writers.

AJ: The Skinny, and another, we missed it, soz. Cultural side of qmunicate is very strong.

Q17. What would you do to ensure the number of contributors stay high but readership is also high?

AJ: Good community feel, and good quality articles require good feedback! Not all articles have the same quality, and just making sure all contributors reach their potential.

CP: Trying to work with editors in cultural sections to get good tickets, and again, good constructive feedback. Encourage people to try.

CTK: We’re already good at keeping numbers up, keep fostering the good atmosphere and great tickets. And great feedback is key. Bringing in other aspects would increase readership.

Q18. How would you get more QM board members invested in qmunicate?

CTK: talking to management, and see how they would want to be involved. We should talk more about qmunicate.

CP: Fostering sense of QMU as a community as a whole, would be nice to have QM socials.

AJ: Building on what we do already, reporting on what’s happening in the QM.

Q19. What do you think about switching news and science & tech, and putting news online?

AJ: Would like to put more Science & Tech online but news articles that go in the magazine are more long term.

CP: Would be interested, maybe introduce it gradually.

CTK: Interesting idea, might be good to have science & tech incorporated into the news section in the magazine.

Q20. To CP, would it fall under the remit of online editor?

CP: Collaboration between online editor, Clare and possibly tech team.

Q21. To CTK, videos seem like the biggest change, how would it be implemented?

CTK: wouldn’t want it to take over qmunicate, might be good to work with Film & TV editor, would like to plan it out in informal meetings first. Would be a collaborative effort.


21:43 – We’re still going! It’s now Social Convenor with Maggie.

Maggie Brunker is a 3rd year studying Earth science; they have been on CSR board, a host of FUQ, and have been an active member of social committee as well as leftie. Their ideas are: holding more film screenings, talks, and quizzes; bringing more structure to the current Karaoke and introducing a wider selection of hosts; getting the Language Café back up to its previous great standard by bringing in potlucks, cultural nights and showcasing music and dance from around the world; introducing a new special role as PR officer to help with social media as well as filming and taking pictures of events for future PR-ing; finally they’d like to start a game tournament with games such as Mario Kart and Super Smash

Q1. Chicken nuggets or quizzes?

Chicken nuggets!

Q2. What’s your favourite rock fact?

There’s a rock called ahah! Cause someone stood on it.

Q3. How would you get more people involved in social committee?

PR has gone out the window, and would like to start that up again. Would like it to be clearer what you get out of involvement.

Q4. How will you select people to run karaoke? And how will you train them?

Volunteer based, and would like people from the freshers building team to help.

Q5. What’s your favourite form of chicken to consume?


Q6. In regards to making better ties with societies, what would be the best course of action to reach out to them?

Would like to research whether upcoming events will be appealing to any societies.

Q7. How would you get freshers helpers to come to social committee?

Would have more, bigger social coffee mornings.

Q8. Would you work with other societies that already run gaming events?

Yeah, but would also like to be more casual than some already existing.

Q9. Social nights have been dropped, what events do you have in mind we don’t already do?

Would like larger cultural nights similar to language cafes.

22:12 – we’re still here, when the going gets tough, the tough get a beer and carrying on typing. Now we’re on to Former Student Member with Julia.

Julia Catherine Mark is an “eternal devotee of the QMU”. They will try to get more former students involved in the union with biannual meet-ups. Also QMU. Flash. Mob. (to draw attention to how excellent this place is and the musical history).

Q1. Why are they unique in this position?

Not unique, but a devotee. Would like to have other life members have the good experiences they had at the QMU.

Q2. What would you have past members do?

Bi-annual meeting would be like school reunion but not as cringey. Hopefully present a diverse range of views with students from all ages.

Q3. Flash mob, what’s involved?

In Freshers’ week, either in Fraser building or in library – would be good to get cecilians involved.

Q4. Why did you first come to the QMU?

Mata (VP candidate) was first person to come talk to me when she recognised me. Also got involved in the social committee.

Q5. How else would you get people to come to the union?

Unify Pr for all the committees.

Q6. Could you organise a hall of fame?

It’s a good suggestion but it doesn’t necessarily need to be done.


22:19 – And now we have the candidate for Vice President (Board of Management) Mata!

Mata Durkin is a 3rd year Philosophy student who has worked on CSR board as a convenor since November, been a leftie for qmunicate magazine, as well as working as Welfare Officer for the comedy society. They plan to improve on the training board members receive, make sure it’s all still relevant, and bring in tech training and sexual violence prevention training; advertise what each committee do more often to bring in more people and increase interest in student politics; and finally, bring in support for those on board, because it’s a hard job and can be scary when first starting so people need to feel happy and secure.

Q1. Manifestos tend to be very similar – is this indicative of a lack of progress?

A lot of people put things in their manifestos that we already do – and we should advertise this.

Q2. What transferable skills did you get from being CCSR?

Has proven that they do care a lot, and will be there for you. Being CCSR has been great for their confidence.

Q3. Are you going to do anything new and different?

This is the first general election we’ve done using electronic voting – can’t really say what they’ll do as there hasn’t been the chance to see how new things have worked yet.

Q4. Would you say that tech training as it is is viable or should it be more regular?

Definitely more regularly, especially after elections. Board members should be able to do some of the basic stuff tech team do.

Q5. What are your views on the relationship between the board and staff?

It could always be improved, many board members don’t talk much to the staff. Should ask if they need any help.

Q6. What will you do to make sure your position isn’t uncontested again next year?

Advertising what individual board members actually do would engage more people.

Q7. How would the structure of support for board member be implemented?

It would depend on who we have on board, confident/shy. Would like people to be able to approach her.

Q8. If a candle you liked ate a box you loved, which side would you take.

Candles are superior to boxes (controversial).

Q9. What is your favourite by-law and policy?

(We don’t know what this means). They don’t remember by-laws that clearly to be able to pick one out.

Q10. Should the number of CSR seats be cut?

No, thinks the system we have in place works quite well with mixture of year long seats with expertise and 6 month seats with fresh ideas.

Q11. Fav dinosaur & Hogwarts?

Littlefoot the bronchiasaurous (sp.?) and Hufflepuff.

In the interests of fairness, qmunicate would like to point out that all candidates have been asked the above question, but we couldn’t be bothered typing them all out.


22:34 – we’re still here?? Yes we are, and now it’s VP (Membership, Clubs & Societies) with Mikey and Una Marie.

Mike Setchell is a 3rd year Digital Media student. Their ideas are: improving deals for members by making them more exciting, could include members only food deals, exclusive drinks for only members, and even a separate faster members queue for gigs. For working with life members they plan to continue the previous VPs work and bring back the occasional Cheesy Pop club night. To make it easier for clubs and societies, they would introduce an online booking timetable and offer special deals to societies and get them more involved in commitees like with our themed quiz nights. For planning Fresher’s week, they plan to dissect the previous years’ events and find exactly what worked and what didn’t then use this for planning the new year.

Una Marie Darragh is a third year English Literature and Theatre student who is currently a CSR and has previously been involved with the SRC, including as VP. They want to have an inclusive Freshers’ Week with preferred pronouns on helper badges and a push for membership sign ups. They want to introduce more training for helpers and increase the numbers of life members enrolled on the database. They also want to provide incentives for societies to host events at the QM with more deals. Plus 241 burgers on a Wednesday for members.

Q1. Do you have any plans to fix the “outdated” system for booking the union?

UMD: Yeah absolutely, already spoken to people about planning a better method for scheduling, thought about an online calendar.

MS: Hasn’t thought about it, but an online calendar would be an interesting. A problem with selecting societies through just online, more communication is necessary.

Q2. What can you do to make societies more welcome?

MS: Society mixers would be a great start, with board members, society executives and staff members.

UMD: Staff training would be a possible solution, and look at what events societies actually want to host and work with them.

Q3. What benefits could we give life members?

UMD: Life members presumably want to stay in the loop with things QMU, so would send digital copies to life members. Also more talks from and for life members.

MS: We offer life members very little at the moment. We have a mailing list but we don’t cater things to life members. We have to open a dialogue with members to find out what they want from us.

Q4. Our problem is that enough people don’t come into the QM, so how do we advertise deals to all our members.

MS: Freshers’ Week. We should be pushing new deals during those 10 days when we have such a huge reach.

UMD: Agrees, and we should also put PR in other buildings around campus. Should engage in conversation with clubs and societies.

Q5. Thoughts on structure of Freshers’ Passes?

UMD: Should push the idea that Freshers’ Week is a unique event for new students, can only live it once. Complaints about value of money due to fault on the GUU’s part.

MS: Fact that we have the cheapest pass in UK says a lot about wider trends. Worth keeping an opening mind about how we sell freshers’ passes, including reduced prices as the week progresses.

Q6. What sets you apart from the other?

MS: I’ve spent a little longer in the QM figuring out how everything works, and experience with PR.

UMD: Experience on a different student body, three years spent involved with the SRC. Ideas such as preferred pronouns on freshers’ passes says a lot with a little effort. Outside opinion is more beneficial.

Q7. How can you change the image of the QM to be more inclusive?

UMD: more training for staff, porters, and board members. Sexual violence prevention and suicide prevention training classes would be great. Would like to be very visible.

MS: Worth talking to the staff members about their image, and customer service.

Q8. Why do freshers’ not come past freshers’ week?

MS: We don’t have things that run regularly except for social events which don’t have good PR. Cut down on the in jokes and being more welcoming.

UMD: If we could answer that properly, the QM would be better off. If we thought of more strong events early on the year, we could offset. Freshers helpers should be meeting and greeting more freshers.

Q9. Do you think it might be worth having an event just for the QMU, such as a QMU weekend? And what would the QMU be as a Disney Film?

UMD: Yes, we could run some very good events outside of Freshers, like Live Fest. Also the Little Mermaid!

MS: Every event we put on will be compared to what the GUU does. I don’t know about what a QMU event would be. The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast.

Q10. How to attract more young life members?

MS: Cheesy pop, things like that. Approach our life members and ask what they want for us.

UMD: Can ask all graduating members if they want to become life members.

Q11. Should societies get free rooms?

UMD: Shouldn’t be charging, free rooms are benefit from being a society in this union. Should charge for missed booking, but not massive charges.

MS: Agrees with Una Marie, otherwise useless in being an affiliated society. Missed room bookings are worth looking into, but should give benefit of the doubt at first.

Q12. Benefits and pitfalls of online signups?

MS: supports online sign-ups, but problem with people not coming in to collect their cards.

UMD: Yes likes online signups, lazy people but also students abroad. May be some admin issues but this is a trial, that’s what happens.

Q13. Hogwarts and dinosaur?

UMD: Hufflepuff and dinosaurs are good

MS: Ravenclaw and stegosaurus

Q14. To MS, why can’t the clubnights be successful now when it was before?

MS: needs to be updated, we’re not communicating with members.

UMD: student demographics have changed and we need to respond to that.

Q15. To MS, what would you do about the fact that the QM works for people within it and not without.

MS: Need to ask people what they want, canvassing etc.

Q16. To MS, How do we advertise our deals for societies?

MS: we need to send them a list of things we offer every time they book.

Q17. To MS, what’s the deal with the hat?

MS:the hat has a life of its own. It’s a green alien from that episode from Futurama.

And we’re done! We are destroyed body and soul but it’s done (until 6pm tomorrow, when we have the President’s Debate in Jim’s!)

peace dudes

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