Film Review: A Cure for Wellness


In Association with Glasgow Film Festival 2017

Leaving this special screening of the unique feature A Cure for Wellness starring Dane DeHane it quickly became apparent that whilst I can easily handle gore within horror films, I couldn’t handle a Gore Verbinski horror.

Verbinski’s feature introduces us to the world’s business elite, who are hiding within the idyllic swiss Alps in a vain attempt of finding a cure to their sickness. When DeHane is sent there by his company to get back their CEO he finds that everything is not quite as idyllic as it seems – typically what you would expect from an eerie psychological horror.

With a screen time of two and a half hours, you may find yourself discouraged at a screening that long. However, what surprised me about this film was how quickly those minutes seemed to go by. There wasn’t a single scene or occurrence within the film that could be picked as unnecessary to the films content, leaving Verbinski’s feature feeling extended but not to the point of questioning what to scrap.

What is brilliant and unique about Verbinski’s addition to the psychological horror genre is the sheer unnerving effect that is felt throughout the entire feature. Music and sound effects are skilfully taken advantage of to heighten the horror label. The simple yet dramatic additions of heightened sharp sounds and ambient music purposely play on the uneasy feeling Verbinski successfully pushes throughout the feature.

With a vast array of perverse themes, A Cure for Wellness will leave you struggling for an explanation of what the film is about. The above paragraph providing a synopsis of the film doesn’t begin to explain the overall storyline, with the feature consistently throwing in plot changes to shake you up. If you’re looking for a beautifully made unexplainable film to take away your mind for the evening, then be sure to see this whilst you can. Take a friend – you’ll need someone to talk this one through.

[Courtney Hughes]

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