Tax-ify My Soul

qmunicate’s favourite taxes.

On the back of the renewal of the never ending saga that is the bedroom tax, and its extension to previously exempted groups, we here at qmunicate have decided to bring into your life some of the most ridiculous taxes that governments have inflicted upon their peoples. Just in case you’d forgotten how awful things truly are.

The Beard Tax

This tax was put in place in Russia in 1705, the leader at that time deeming the beard to be uncultured. Surely unkind to charge people for their natural thermo protective gear. It also existed in the UK at one point, the longer your beard, the more you had to pay. If they brought it back, there’d be far more baby-faced looking boys around campus, but also less beard-related jokes in tinder profiles. You win some, you lose some.

The Cowardice Tax

In the 12th century, a knight not fighting for their King wasn’t just a dishonour, it was also a money making scheme. Apparently, King John charged his knights when there weren’t any wars to be fought. Could this be something to encourage pacifism in governments?  The modern equivalent of cowardice is probably ghosting someone, and we could all use a little less of that in our lives.

The ‘Sex’ Tax

In Utah, if your business requires the employment of nude or even partially nude workers, you’ll be charged 10% of your earnings. Further reasons to not degrade and objectify your employees. Sex might sell, but it’ll also cost you.

The Tampon Tax

Just when you thought having a uterus didn’t cost you enough (the gender pay gap was 19.7% in 2013) the UK government just makes you feel worse about your body. This is of course not a new outrage, but if you really think about it, it is a completely ridiculous tax. If so many people have to be charged for a bodily function, can we also charge the people that sniff and cough in exams?

[Grace Michael @gracemichael925]

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