Live Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan (with support Ho99o9)

Qudos, QMU, 19th January

Ho99o9 (Horror) consists of an energetic New Jersey rap group – lead by the vocal duo Eaddy and theOGM – whose harsh, often anti-political rap lyrics combine well together as they take turns to try and get the crowd angry on top of its blasting drum beats which despite its hardcore punk style ventures daringly close to thrash.  

Only a small portion of the crowd at the front are buying into this venting of hatred towards the establishment though, the rest of them only cheer in solidarity to a subtle “fuck the police” at the end of their penultimate track. Oddly enough, Ho99o9 (at least initially) generate a larger crowd than the main act, The Dillinger Escape Plan. Regardless this group is definitely one to look out for in the future; their eerie sound fuses well with an adrenaline-fuelled frenzy of fast pace punk and rap which at times is both exciting and creepy.

The Dillinger Escape Plan offers an alternative form of energy, that of Greg Puciato scaling not only the stage speakers to dive into the crowd as if he was contending in WWE SummerSlam, but also the walls and upper barriers of Qudos itself and diving again. Ben Weinman also chooses to literally walk over the crowd mid-song. Getting to hear ‘Milk Lizard’ and ‘Black Bubblegum’ live alongside newer tracks from Dissociation is a welcome reward for everyone and it’s obvious that these are the more popular tracks as they finally wake up and start bouncing, leaving some of the other mathcore tracks forgotten about and arguably sounding a bit too similar. However it cannot be helped feeling that some tracks like ‘Black Bubblegum’ are feeling a little rushed, some of its melodic parts are hastily screamed away by Puciato. This being their final tour probably indicates a desire to wrap the night up fast.

[Murray McKinstray]

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