Live Review: Two Door Cinema Club

Barrowlands Ballroom, 3 February 2017

Starting the gig off, we have Anteros, a fun female fronted band who have the crowd moving amazingly well for the first band on and are clearly well received, and have extremely catchy songs that are easy to clap along to whether you’ve ever heard of them before or not.  Following them, we have the up and coming band Sundara Karma who clearly have a fair amount of fans already in the crowd and were well anticipated, and so easily keep the crowd moving and raise it to a new level after Anteros.

Then comes Two Door Cinema Club.  They come on stage and the crowd just goes nuts immediately with everyone around ready to get started.  The band waste no time and immediately kick into Cigarettes In The Theatre to get everyone in the mood.  The band are more than happy to talk to the crowd between songs and have some seriously impressive lighting going on with each song to help change the atmosphere.  To me, one of the best songs of the night was ‘I Can Talk’ with the beat just matching perfectly for everyone to jump along to, but nothing can beat ‘What You Know’ at the end of the night with everyone ready to let loose for the last time, and Two Door Cinema Club refusing to finish quietly.  I left this gig seriously impressed  with the band having made sure the crowd was kept going from the start to the finish, and the entire crowd was loving every minute of it with everyone loudly singing along to every single song.

[Chloe Gardner] 

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