Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Dreams are pretty neat, when you think about it. While I also enjoy the ol’ deep sleep, unconscious blackout, dead-lite slumber, you can’t deny how cool it is that our brains regularly put on shows for us while we sleep. It’s like a free ticket to a cinema built solely for you, with no one sitting behind you to kick the chair or munch nosily on popcorn. Yes, sometimes things get weird – you think you bought a ticket for a rom-com and end up instead watching meaningless horror, but isn’t that part of the attraction? Spinning the roulette wheel of dreams keeps things spicy.

Of course, there are nightmares and unless you’re a sadist, you probably won’t enjoy them. Dreams about white walkers hunting you, being killed by dragon people, or worse, realistic dreams about loved ones dying, are rarely pleasant. A lot of girls also dream about falling pregnant, which can be pretty surreal – I’ve had a couple of dreams about graphic miscarriages which I’d rather not repeat (get outta here, those with dream dictionaries; I don’t wanna know what they “mean”). Though these can be tough, I try to shake them off and spin the wheel again.

I’m not a fan of mundane dreams, i.e. ones that are difficult to separate from real life. Boring. Bad! Yet when you get a real showstopper – a big budget, no-holds-barred production with all the bells and whistles, isn’t it a whale of a time? When you get a good‘un, one of those ones you just have to tell someone who probably isn’t interested, the joy of dreams just keeps on giving. A friend once told me about a dream he had, where everything was like reality until he realised he could fly, and then he just soared about. The sensation felt real, he said, and now he thought he knew what it would be like to fly. How else would you feel that, save jumping out of a plane?

So, even when my dreams aren’t playing ball, I remember that a dream like that could be right around the corner, and to find out I only have to pass out – what could be easier than that?

[Louise Wylie]

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