Album Review: While She Sleeps – You Are We

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There aren’t enough words to capture the power of this album – it’s like pushing a camel through a needle’s eye. The Sheffield metalcore group’s newest release You Are We hit number 8 in the UK charts and its relevance to society’s problems today cannot be ignored. With Bring Me The Horizon’s Ollie Sykes featuring in ‘Silence Speaks’ every riff, vocal melody, drum beat and screaming connect together forms a beautiful chain of artistic thought; it’s like some grand ideology coming to life in music. While She Sleeps moves between beautiful melodies to a call to arms coupled with alarming string-bending fury in their title song ‘You Are We’, to the more epic chanting one would expect to hear from a rallied crowd in ‘Wide Awake’. They really pulled out all the stops, and have every right to soak in the glory of their best album so far. We have a genuine contender for Album of the Year right here.

[Murray McKinstray]

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