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Amidst the grim news of snap elections and Trump’s increasingly backwards presidency, some positive statistics about our (adopted) home city of Glasgow have appeared in the news.

In April, Glasgow Live revealed that the Scottish city was ‘the least Conservative place in Britain’ – a revelation probably unsurprising to anyone who lives here. According to an analysis of recent election results, fewer than one in 30 adults voted for the Tories in some of Glasgow’s constituencies. In fact, no other Westminster constituency in Britain had a lower degree of support for the Conservatives than in Glasgow North East; where only 2.6 per cent of the total electorate voted for the party, currently led by Ruth Davison, in 2010 and 2015 combined.

Further findings suggest that Glasgow was the also ‘the most caring’ city in Britain. According to the greetings card company Moonpig, Glaswegians are most likely to send “sensitive” greetings cards to their friends and relatives, as well as engagement and wedding cards. The results of the poll challenge the many negative stereotypes that exist about the city; the kind that many students are informed about by their worried relatives and family friends after telling them they are moving to Glasgow. Moreover, it is also worth noting that, according the Top Universities’ ranking for best student cities in the world, Glasgow rose from the 63rd place in 2016 to 34th in 2017.

To add to the findings above, the Evening Times declared that Glasgow rates fifth in a survey of the UK’s best walking cities. According to the study, over 75% of Scottish residents say they are in favour of measures to encourage walking in their city – no doubt encouraged by Glasgow’s beautiful green spaces and architectural heritage. As said by George Gillespie, Executive Director of Land and Environmental Services at Glasgow City Council, “We know how important walking and other forms of active travel are to improve our citizens’ health and well-being while also helping to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Although these studies may not be entirely scientific, they prove something that many of us who live or have lived in Glasgow already know – that Glasgow is a wonderfully multi-faceted city, inhabited by immensely progressive and caring people, and one of the best cities in which to spend your university years.

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