Voter Profiles: Katrina, Green

Did anyone tell you there’s an election coming up? Quite soon, in fact. This Thursday! Tell yer pals!

qmunicate spoke to eight student voters from across the political spectrum. Each voter was sent the same set of questions – introducing themselves, explaining what matters to them, and why they think you should vote the same way – in the week running up to the General Election.

Ever wondered what an undecided voter thinks when making their decision? Did you assume that all Yes voters automatically became SNP voters? Think you’ve never met a Scottish Tory?

Disclaimer: the views expressed in these interviews represent the personal views of each individual voter, and do not necessarily represent the views held by [qmunicate magazine] or the Queen Margaret Union. These interviews seek to understand the breadth of political affiliation, rather than endorse any one party or set of ideas.

Our final voter in the voter profile series is Katrina and she’s planning on voting Green.

qmunicate: Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m Katrina, in my second year. I’m 20, so I’ve voted in 3 elections and 2 referenda already. Demographic-wise, I would align myself with young. In this election I’m lucky enough to be living in Glasgow North constituency, one of three Scottish constituencies with a Green candidate, so I’ll be voting for Patrick Harvie. There’s no chance of the Tories getting in where I live so thankfully I don’t have to vote tactically!

qmunicate: What are the issues that matter the most to you this General Election?

I think the Tories present a very real risk to he NHS over the next five years, and as someone who relies heavily on our health service I want to see it brought back into complete public ownership, putting people before profit as it’s meant to. I think the way we leave the EU is also vital, and I don’t want to see us lose the many rights, protections and advances we’ve gained as part of Europe.

qmunicate: And what issues do you think matter to most to your demographic as a whole?

For young people, I think things like tuition fees and student bursaries are obviously really important. However, not everyone is a student or wants to be one, so we also need to see an end to zero hour contracts and precarious work, with a real, non-ageist, living wage introduced to ensure a good standard of living for everyone. I think the Green policy of a universal basic income would benefit young people greatly, whatever they want to do with their lives. Austerity has disproportionately affected young people and women over the last few years, so I think ending that is also crucial to move towards greater equality.


qmunicate: Would you describe yourself as ‘politically active’? Was there a catalyst for your political involvement?

I would definitely say I’m politically active, working on the committees of Glasgow Uni Greens and Glasgow Young Greens. Like a lot of people, I would say the independence referendum is what got me really engaged in politics, along with the election of a Tory government shortly after that.

qmunicate: Has your vote changed over previous elections?

I’ve always been lucky enough to live in constituencies where I can vote Green, so I’ve done that in every election I’ve voted in so far.

qmunicate: Regardless of party forming the next Government, what do you want to see delivered over these next five years?

I think a lot needs to change in the UK to address inequality. To start with, I really want to see the scrapping of tuition fees down south, review of the many welfare reforms that have been introduced in recent years, and an end to the Tory’s ideological austerity agenda in general, which is damaging the lives of so many people.

qmunicate: Finally: you have thirty seconds to pitch to someone to vote for your party. What do you say to convince them?

This election we have a chance to elect Scotland’s first Green MP, and this could make a massive difference. The Scottish Greens will work hard to oppose austerity and a hard Brexit, and will fight for a better life for all of us in Westminster. Scottish Green councillors and MSPs work incredibly hard and achieve so much, and it would be amazing to take the fight to Westminster.

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