Voter Profiles Series!

Did anyone tell you there’s an election coming up? Quite soon, in fact. This Thursday! Tell yer pals!

qmunicate spoke to eight student voters from across the political spectrum. Each voter was sent the same set of questions – introducing themselves, explaining what matters to them, and why they think you should vote the same way – in the week running up to the General Election.

Ever wondered what an undecided voter thinks when making their decision? Did you assume that all Yes voters automatically became SNP voters? Think you’ve never met a Scottish Tory?

Disclaimer: the views expressed in these interviews represent the personal views of each individual voter, and do not necessarily represent the views held by [qmunicate magazine] or the Queen Margaret Union. These interviews seek to understand the breadth of political affiliation, rather than endorse any one party or set of ideas.

Here are our eight voters’ interviews:

Jamie, Conservative 

David, Labour 

Emma, SNP 

Emma, Green/Labour 

Dovydas, SNP (if he could vote in the GE)

Ciaran, Undecided

Rebecca, Lib Dem

Katrina, Green


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