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As cringey as a “lesbian vampire erotic film” might sound like, Enactone is more than what its (possibly one of a kind) genre suggests. Film director Sky Deep Dietrich plays main character Marie Scott, former US slave turned into a vampire who now seeks vengeance against mankind through the acquiring of “orgasmic blood” from women (yes, you read it right).

The moment of deadly orgasmic pleasure literally becomes deadly as moaning turns into screaming when Marie’s fangs sink into the veins of her victim. Sex becomes more than sex in Enactone as the audience is invited to engage in an activity of life and death, between hunter and prey. Yet unlike mainstream porn, the sex scenes of Enactone are nothing like the patriarchal portrayal of women used as objects of pleasure. Everything from camera angle and music to the actress’ performance brings together intriguingly sensual sex scenes that are worthy of the praise they have received. Every touch and movement realistically portrays human desire for bodily intimacy. This is also showcased when Marie is tied up with ropes by the vampire lair, and her body parts are explored and teased in a roughly ten minutes long scene. The most incredible achievement is that the film never shows a vagina up close. Enactone focuses on the elevation of female pleasure and portrays women as humans rather than things, ironically, by using a vampire as the main character.

In other less incredible instances, scenes in Enactone might come across as disorganised and poorly composed. Although the phenomenal background music succeeds in building up certain moods, the narrative voice of the film lacks charisma and doesn’t quite succeed to capture the mysterious atmosphere that surrounds Enactone. Yet Sky Deep Dietrich’s debut is a satisfying film to the senses, where themes such as temptation and morality are curiously explored in the context of queer culture. Sex is given the bittersweet taste of blood and pleasure becomes deadly but irresistible for victim and audience alike. Enactone sets an aspiring example of how sex and humans can and should be seen on screen.

[Nini Huang]

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