Album Review: Blink-182 – California

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Blink-182’s newest release California is an album true to the band’s sound – the heavy drum lines, catchy guitar riffs and strong vocals make any Blink-182 song instantly recognisable, and this record is no exception. The lyrics are often easy to pick up and will get stuck in your head on repeat, particularly on songs such as ‘Out of Her Mind’. Though the album has an all-round summer anthem vibe, especially in ‘Bored to Death’, songs such as ‘Home is Such A Lonely Place’ and ‘California’ provide a calm break in the album and encourage you to listen to the lyrics and take something from them. In keeping with Blink-182 fashion, there is plenty of humour in this album with the short tracks ‘Built This Pool’ and ‘Brohemian Rhapsody’ that conclude each disc. Overall, an album definitely worth a listen to (even if you’re new to Blink-182) as it caters to a large variety of music taste.

[Hannah Yates]

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