Album Review: Fleet Foxes – ‘Crack Up’

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The latest outing from American indie folk band Fleet Foxes is a refreshing, enveloping album that knows exactly what it wants to be and doesn’t disappoint. Crack-Up, the third studio release from the band, comes after several years of hiatus following the release of their previous album in 2011 and feels an invigorated return to form.

There’s not really a stand-out track, but that hardly matters. This is a coherent release with an effortlessly chill vibe, whether the subject matter is ancient Romans, a Japanese mountain or Memphis. ‘Third of May/ Ōdaigahara’ deserves an honourable mention, and ‘Mearcstapa’ mixes up the tempo a little but Robin Pecknold’s characteristic vocals and the omnipresent mandolin keep the songs in sync.

Although reminiscent of the slower tunes of José González and Junip, Crack-Up is nevertheless distinctly a creation of Fleet Foxes. It’s a low-key, sanguine album that’ll knock down your stress levels and transport you away to a more pensive reality.

[Louise Wylie – @womanpendulum]

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