Here Comes The Rain Again

It was meant to be the Green Day event of the summer, instead thousands were left feeling either blue or red in the face.

The Californian punks were set to bring their Revolution Radio tour to Glasgow’s own Bellahouston Park on Tuesday, with support from The Skids, Slaves and Rancid promising a brilliant line-up well worth the annual leave and travel and hotel expenses that countless fans sacrificed for the occasion.

However, in a twist of events PCL Presents made the shocking decision to cancel the gig with only half an hour until gates were due to open, citing ‘adverse weather’ and safety concerns in their official statement.

Let’s be honest though, that’s not exactly a walking contradiction in Glasgow. Welcome to Paradise, welcome to Scotland. Of course, this made the band look like American Idiots to the rest of the world, however Billie Joe Armstrong himself says to “know your enemy” – in this case, it’s shite organisation from promoters who seem to have bitten off more than they could chew.

Plenty of speculation has naturally been going around as to what actually happened – one popular rumour claims that the stage was flooded due to poor drainage at the site, in which case The Simpsons were once again spot on in their predictions (remember when Green Day featured in the movie and went kerplunk?). Another equally popular rumour meanwhile suggests that organisers had simply left it too last minute to set up the stage with staff even missing from duty (although to be fair to them, they did ask to be woken up after September ends), and circulating photos of an incomplete stage appear to support this.

According to insider information provided by Whatsername, yet a third version of the story states that an unfortunate tech guy fell from a lighting rig, causing an eight hour delay as he was apparently the only team member able to get the job done; talk about a minority… To make matters worse, they lacked sufficient equipment to help load the trucks onto the grotty fields by the time such a replacement was found.

PCL Presents has since issued a second statement addressing these claims in order to deny the accuracy of their details. Elsewhere, the fact that workers might as well have been made redundant when they were informed several hours into their shifts that they would not be paid for their efforts remains shamefully true.

Green Day tell us to live without warning, but some may beg to differ – on the contrary, such situations surely prove that a wee bit of preparation tends to go a long way. Understandably, raging fans who had been waiting a lifetime for this moment to come had 21st Century Breakdowns over their Broken Dreams and were most certainly not having the time of their lives, left with no other option but to hitch a ride to the pub and drown their sorrows. To be frank, PCL Presents would do well to have the time to listen to their customers whine, it’s the least they could do. Meanwhile, Glasgow did what it does best, with Slaves swiftly arranging their own gig at the O2 ABC2 and numerous bars and venues offering discounts, Green Day tunes and even the odd tribute act.

So what was the real cause behind the fiasco? The precise reasons may be mere hearsay, but one thing’s for sure – the event was run by nimrods who made a real dookie of this one with their shenanigans. And to blame it on the weather of all things? Well, PCL, when the story’s stretched and so far-fetched that you’re lacking an excuse – you lied.

As for those of us who are gutted that we didn’t get to see them – are we the waiting? Aye. But that’s okay, we’ll be ready for them when they next come around.

[Anni Payne]

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