Album Review: Haim – ‘Something To Tell You’

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Haim return with another timeless soundtrack which acts as a perfect match to a melancholic evening. The L.A. trio of sisters’ second album hits a personal note which many can relate to.

True to its title, Something to Tell You is all about unspoken thoughts and feelings which bleed through its songs via incredibly heartfelt words – a classic feature of Haim’s unique sound. Each track on the album acts as a different sentimental story with simple but relatable lyrics, with ‘You Never Knew’ and ‘Ready For You’ sounding just like excerpts right out of a diary.

The band have stayed close to their soft pop-rock vibe which was previously heard on their 2013 album Days Are Gone. Having gained popularity for their harmonic sounds, memorable beats and beautiful bass lines, the three sisters have brought this back. Something to Tell You gets your emotions flowing, making great for late night listening with headphones on and the volume turned up.

[Courtney Hughes – @iliveonwifi]

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