Top 5: Things To Do If You’re Staying Home This Summer

Feeling like you’re the only one not hopping around Europe or doing an exciting internship this summer? You’re not alone – but you still deserve to enjoy the time off! While we’re already well into the holidays, there’s still plenty of time left to make the most of.

1. Develop a new skill

Have you always secretly wanted to be Mary Berry, or wanted to knit yourself a scarf, or envied those who actually understand chess? Make the most of your free time – God knows you’ll miss it come September. If a friend already has a hobby and you’re slightly curious about it, ask them if they’d mind showing you the ropes. You might hate it, or you might discover you’re a prodigy in the area – but at least you’ll now know!  


2. Get ahead for the new year

Slightly boring in comparison, but you really can use the time wisely to prepare for the new academic year. If you’re studying a subject that requires a lot of reading, you could read the texts for enjoyment now, making them not as fresh to return to when it matters. If there’s an area you struggled in last year, make a point of revising it over the holidays, without any coursework or exam pressure.


3. Discover your local area

Go to museums, eat out somewhere new, get on the bus in a different direction. (A different service, that is, not literally boarding the bus backwards.) While there are many reasons to travel overseas, your city or county can hold gems as beautiful as a Mediterranean beach. The sun, however, might not be as guaranteed.


4. Lend a hand

Release your inner Girl Guide by following their motto – help others out while you have some free time! See if any local causes need volunteers on a short-term basis, or even commit to something for longer if you can. Websites like can be a good start to finding projects to join.


5. Sit tight

At the end of the day, the holidays are meant to be a time to recharge. While it might feel alien to do nothing for a few months, make the most of the daytime TV and long days. You’ll miss the free time once September returns.

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