A Dollar Worth More Than All Her Millions

Taylor Swift won the civil case against former morning radio host David Mueller countersuing him for sexual assault and battery. 

The trial took place after the defamation suit of Mueller, which was dismissed last Friday. Mueller accused the singer, her mother, and radio promotions director Frank Bell of interfering with his $150,000/year contract by pressuring KYGO radio to fire him. He wanted Swift to pay him more than $257,500 in damages for ruining his career.

During the case of Swift’s countersuit, the singer claimed that at the pre-concert meet-and-greet event in June 2013 in Denver, Mueller reached under her skirt, grabbed her backside and refused to let go as they posed for a picture. On the other side, Mueller insisted that he only touched her arms and ribs, and maybe brushed the outside of her skirt while “jostling” for the photo. While there is no obvious proof of the incident, the photograph taken shows Mueller’s hand clearly placed at the height of Swift’s bottom.

The questioning from Mueller’s attorney was also well handled by Swift, involving some sharp retorts when she was asked for details about the incident. This, together with the testimonies of the singer’s bodyguard Greg Dent and of the photographer Stephanie Simbeck both of whom claimed they’d witnessed the groping, helped to convince the jury of six women and two men. They decided in favour of Swift, putting an end to the four-year ordeal and two-year long trial process.

After the verdict, Swift stated that she is aware of her privilege to have the ability to defend herself in a “trial like this” and would like to give this opportunity to others by making donations to multiple organizations that help sexual assault victims with such matters. She only asked for, and won, a symbolic amount of $1 from Mueller, which the singer’s attorney Doug Baldridge called to be “of immeasurable value in this ever going fight to figure out where the lines are, what’s right and what’s wrong.” 

[Anna Pataki  – @patakinusi]

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