qmunicate Meets: Actual Real-Life Freshers

The Freshers Have Landed! At qmunicate, we are excited to welcome you to this exciting time in your life, and we decided to get to know you by asking what you were most excited about coming to university. Here were your responses:

What are you most excited about for university?

“Living in Glasgow.”

-Kirsty Purvis, 19

“Getting some freedom.”

-Eleanor Rose, 17

“Flat life.”

-Patrick Aasen, 20

“Meeting my flatmates.”

-Maddie Miller, 20

“Meeting new people.”

-Arin Beever, Liam Negus, Emma Love, all 18


“Being away from home.”

-Chris Falkingham, 18

“I’m excited to study physics.”

-Ruth Hyndman, 19


– Reuben, History student from Leeds

qmunicate: “Do you remember much from your own Freshers Week at uni?”

“There was a rich snob who wasn’t happy that halls didn’t live up to her standards” – Reuben’s mum

Other general remarks:

-“We don’t know how to enrol”

-“Everyone looks scared”

-“Glasgow is nicer than Edinburgh. And Bradford”

So, there we are. We would like to thank you for your responses.  From our own colourful experiences, we can promise you that the friends you meet in Freshers Week will probably be your friends for life, while the freedom of living away from home is exciting.  Of course, it is nowhere near as exciting as physics.

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