Meet the Team: Anni Payne

Anni, 4th year Philosophy and Comparative Literature, Music Editor

Who are you?

My name’s Anni and I mostly grew up in France despite being born in Essex, so I usually choose to say that I’m from there instead because pretending to be French is classier, bien sûr. I’m a fourth year student doing Philosophy and Comparative Literature, and my favourite hobby is probably just laughing at my own bad jokes.

What is you role on the team? What do you do?

I’m this year’s music editor, which means I have special powers for securing gig passes for live reviews (essentially getting your asses on the guest list), accessing album streams for review and arranging interviews with artists. I also get to pitch ideas for music-related features articles and am otherwise responsible for editing any above contributions. Every Wednesday I’ll be pitching my own selection of writing opportunities to the team, but the cool thing is that you get to ask me for any requests you may have too!

What is your favourite thing about Glasgow?

‘People Make Glasgow’ – whether it’s a gig, demo or even just walking down Buchanan Street, Glaswegian passion and sense of community is second to none. This city is also one of the most accepting places in the world, so you can be whoever the hell you want to be and always feel at home.

How did you get involved with [qmunicate]?

A healthy combination of sheer curiosity and peer pressure. My flatmate encouraged me to come along to meetings and I felt like trying out something new,

so I did. I really enjoyed the discussions and applied for Music Editor last April but wasn’t successful, so I got some more experience and tried again this year. Apparently it worked! #followyourdreams

What is your advice to someone wanting to get involved?

In the words of Shia Labeouf, JUST DO IT. Don’t be intimidated because none of us know what we’re doing, either, and we try not to take ourselves too seriously anyway.

What do you think about the Glasgow music scene?

It’s pure good! Glasgow’s music scene is the main reason why I chose to study here, and I’ll never forget that I ended up going home with Marky Ramone’s drumstick from the very first gig I went to in first year. Since then I’ve seen so many of my favourite artists live, discovered new ones, made personal connections with local musicians and even met some of my idols, but buskers in the streets make walking about Glasgow a real experience in itself too. Literally the only downside to the music scene in Glasgow is that there’s almost too much going on, so you find yourself having to be picky when gigs clash or when your budget simply can’t afford to go to everything.

If you could interview any musician, who would it be?

KT Tunstall because she’s an absolute bae. Never mind being a talented musician and performer in her own right, she’s hilariously funny and I just wanna be her pal, to be honest.

[Image Credits: Aike Jansen]

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