Meet the Team: Clare Patterson

Clare, 4th year English Literature, Editor-in-Chief

Who are you?
I’m Clare, I’m a final year English Lit student from Nothumberland in England.

What is you role on the team? What do you do?
I’m Editor-in-Chief, so I oversee everything going on with [qmunicate magazine]! I’m also the QMU’s Publications Convenor, which means I’m a member of the QMU Board of Management and am in charge of all of the publications the QMU puts out, like the handbook!

What is your favourite thing about Glasgow?
Glasgow feels like home to me more than anywhere else in the world. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is – I love the people, the architecture, the university, the music scene, the clubs. I was on a plane this summer and as we were coming in to land, looking down at all the lights of the city at night, I couldn’t stop beaming. Every time I leave and come back, I always feel like I’m coming home.

How did you get involved with [qmunicate]?
I picked up one of their zines during freshers’ week and really enjoyed it, I thought writing for them seemed like a lot of fun! I then went to their coffee morning and found out you could get free tickets to gigs and films and things, which was even more of an incentive! I was really nervous at the meetings for the first semester or so – everyone seemed so smart and funny and grown-up, so I was scared I couldn’t compete – but now some of those people are my best friends.

What is your advice to someone wanting to get involved?
If you’re thinking about it at all, just try it, honestly: come to one of our meetings (Wednesday, 5:30pm, QMU Boardroom), or request to join our Facebook group (QMU Publications committee), and just see what you think. There’s absolutely no pressure to take anything on if you don’t want to – a lot of people just come to our meetings for the chat!

Apart from [qmunicate] (obviously), what is your favourite magazine?
Oh god, that’s a hard question! “Oh Comely” is very cool art magazine, they publish a great mix of thoughtful writing and illustration, and they always look absolutely beautiful. Jacobin is a leftist magazine that started life as an academic journal and who do some really good political analysis – I like the idea of making political writing more accessible but still very clever. I find Vice very impressive, especially their online stuff, how they manage to do some really in-depth investigative reporting and also publish very funny, daft things like Joel Golby.

How – and why – should anyone get involved?
Come to our meetings (5.30pm every Wednesday in the QMU Boardroom) and join our Facebook group (QMU Publications Committee). If you’re interested in photography and Illustration, you should also join “qmunicate illustrators and photographers” on Facebook! In terms of why, [qmunicate] has honestly been the best part of my uni experience; I’ve made friends with some amazing people; I’ve been to all kinds of gigs, films, arts venues etc. that I would never otherwise have known about; I’ve had the chance to interview some fantastic people. We’re a very friendly bunch and we always go for a pint after meetings, and have loads of socials – either mad ones out in town, or cosy potluck dinners round someone’s flat. It’s also a great way to learn more about Glasgow – if you do reviewing, we may send you out to fantastic venues or exhibitions you may never otherwise have heard of!

[Image Credits: Aike Jansen]

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